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Apple’s latest iOS 17.4 update comes with many new features, most of which target the EU. However, the rest of us see some great benefits as well, including automatic Apple Podcasts transcripts and important security patches. One feature that Apple didn’t promote, however, was a new API called FinanceKit, which allows developers to pull information from your Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings with Apple accounts. In effect, this allows budgeting apps to automatically add this data to their apps, so you can keep track of your spending with Apple Card and Apple Cash, as well as keep tabs on your Savings with Apple account, without needing to leave the app or enter this information manually.

Apple is working with YNAB, Monarch, and Copilot for this particular update. Copilot posted about the update on X, informing users they could track this data in real time, as opposed to having to upload documents before logging their Apple spending data:

No matter which app you prefer to use, the process for adding your Apple financial information should be similar. All three require you to install iOS 17.4 on your iPhone, as well as install the latest version of the respective budgeting app. Next, you’ll want to add your Apple Card connection the same way you would any other account, which will be via an Add Account option in the app. If you’ve already established an Apple Card connection manually, your mileage will vary. YNAB has a walkthrough how to reconcile these accounts; Monarch suggests you hide or remove your old account or merge the accounts on desktop; while Copilot will offer you the option to merge when you connect your Apple Card.

One thing to note is you may need to keep Background App Refresh enabled for this feature to work. Monarch is the only app that specifically says you need to turn this feature on, but since all three apps rely on the same API, it’s possible that they all need permission to fetch data in the background in order to work properly.

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