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US Man Loses 165 Kg After Doctor Said He Was A “Ticking Time Bomb” 1
Nicholas Craft lost around 165 kgs over a period of four years.A man in Mississippi, US, lost over 365 pounds (roughly 165 kg) over four years after being told by a doctor that he was a “ticking time bomb” and wouldn’t live long. He weighed nearly 300 kg and underwent drastic weight loss with the motivation to live longer, reported WDAM 7.Nicholas Craft started his weight loss journey in 2019 when he managed to lose roughly 18 kg in the first month through dieting. Speaking to Fox News Digital, the 42-year-old shared that he had been struggling with his weight since childhood and that he weighed “300 pounds (136 kg) in high school”.Mr Craft said, “Depression lead me to overeat, and I couldn’t get around as I should”. According to him, his condition caused body aches, knee pain, and shortness of breath while he also couldn’t “get into regular vehicles”.  Mr Craft shared that he even stopped going to family events and travelling due to his weight.In 2019, a doctor told Mr Craft that he was a “ticking time bomb” given his condition.“The doctor told me if I don’t do something about my weight issue, I was going to end up dying between three to five years,” he was quoted as saying by WDAM 7. That is when Mr Craft decided to make a change.  Nicholas Craft told Fox News Digital that he wanted to live longer and chose to change his eating habits. Mr Craft did not take a specialised weight loss diet but focused on his calorie intake and gave up junk food. “My calorie intake was 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day when I first started”.Mr Craft insisted that it was his grandmother who encouraged him to lose weight. He said she wanted to see him more often and that “I promised her I would lose weight, so I could see her more”. However, Mr Craft’s grandmother died before he successfully brought his weight down.After undergoing the transformation, Mr Craft said his breathing improved and he no longer faced trouble travelling.Featured Video Of The DayVideo: “Drunk” Groom Sleeps At His Own Wedding. This Happened Next

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