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Mention Chandigarh, and the first thing that usually comes to mind is its well-planned architecture, lush-green gardens and scenic landscape. While these attributes certainly make this city ‘The City Beautiful’, one thing that we simply cannot ignore about this city is its lip-smacking Punjabi food. Whether its makki di roti with sarson da saag, rich and creamy butter chicken, piping hot dal makhni or delectable tandoori kebabs, Punjabi cuisine has a fan-following that is not just limited to India, but is spread all across the globe. While Chandigarh has its fair share of restaurants that serve authentic Punjabi food, nothing can compare to the old-world charm of relishing these delicacies in a dhaba. And the city has plenty of such dhabas! So, if you’re planning to visit Chandigarh, here we have curated a list of 5 iconic dhabas that you must stop by to enjoy a traditional Punjabi meal.Origin Of DhabasA dhaba is a roadside restaurant that is commonly found on national and state highways in India, particularly in Punjab. These traditional eateries are known for serving authentic Indian food and have been an inseparable part of our road journeys. The word dhaba has been derived from the Hindi word ‘dabba’, meaning lunch box. While the origin of dhaba is not certain, it is believed that they first emerged on either side of the Grand Trunk Road during the 20th century. They originated primarily to serve truck drivers home-style food during their long journeys. Over the years, dhaba culture has become extremely popular and you’ll now find a dhaba in every nook and cranny of your city.Also read: 7 Of The Best Places To Enjoy Breakfast In ChandigarhHere’re 5 Iconic Dhabas In Chandigarh You Must Try:1.Pal DhabaIf you want to enjoy authentic Punjabi food in Chandigarh, then Pal Dhaba has to be at the top of your list. This iconic dhaba is located in the bustling market of Sector 28 and has a legacy of over 60 years. While this dhaba is equally popular during the day, you’ll have to wait to get a table if you plan to visit during the evening. Pal dhaba has a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on its menu. We recommend you all to try their butter chicken, mutton keema and tandoori chicken.Where: Booth No. 165-166, Sector 28 D, ChandigarhCost For Two: INR 600 (Approx)2.Deluxe DhabaAnother popular dhaba that you must try in Sector 28 is Deluxe Dhaba. What sets it apart from all the other dhabas is that they serve food in massive portions. Their signature lemon chicken prepared in cream and served with piping hot laccha parathas is every foodie’s dream come true. This place is a food haven for all the non-vegetarians out there! Another major attraction for people is that once, former Canadian PM, Stephen Harper and his team visited this dhaba for lunch.Where: SCO 14-15, Ground Floor, Sector 28 C, ChandigarhCost For Two: INR 500 (Approx)3.Katani DhabaIf you’re a vegetarian and want to enjoy authentic Punjabi food in Chandigarh, then Katani dhaba is your place to be! It opens as early as 8 in the morning and serves lip-smacking parathas with dahi and achaar for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, do not forget to try their dal fry, missi roti and paneer. All their dishes are cooked in desi style and are purely vegetarian. It’s just the perfect place to relish a traditional Punjabi vegetarian meal with your friends or family.Where: SCO 265, Sector 35 D, ChandigarhCost For Two: INR 400 (Approx)4.Gurbax DhabaGurbax dhaba is known for its warm hospitality, home-style food and reasonable prices. This place is open on all days from 8 am to 10 pm. If you’re someone who enjoys traditional Punjabi dishes, then this dhaba will make you forget your favourite restaurant. They offer a wide range of delectable dishes such as sarson da saag, makki ki roti, malai kofta and an array of flavourful dals. Pair them with a tall glass of their famous Punjabi lassi and you’re in for a treat!Where: Booth No. 3025-D, Sector 22 D, ChandigarhCost For Two: INR 350 (Approx)5.Swarn DhabaLocated in Sector 30, Swarn dhaba is popular for its simple yet delicious food. This dhaba has been running for almost four generations now. They have a limited menu but their dishes are simply too good to miss! All their delicacies are cooked in homemade masalas, which is why people love visiting this place so much. One of the most loved dishes on their menu is their classic mutton curry. Besides this, you can also try their soya chaap, chicken curry and shahi paneer. Tuesdays are a meat-free day at this dhaba, so keep this in mind before you plan your visit.Where: Booth No. 14-15-16, Block B, CSIO Colony, Sector 30 C, ChandigarhCost For Two: INR 350 (Approx)So, the next time you visit Chandigarh, make sure to visit these dhabas and experience Punjabi food in an authentic way.Featured Video Of The Day

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