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There are certain foods that gain the reputation of ‘breakfast food’. Eggs, for instance. While eggs have been there on our breakfast menu for a long time, oats have gradually become another popular food item to start our mornings with. The fibre and protein-rich oats energise us for the rest of the day and keep us sated for longer. Besides, it makes for some really delicious dishes like milk-based oatmeal, porridge and pancakes. But if you ask anyone, it’s because the oats cook so quickly is why oats are favoured for rushed mornings.  But we are wondering why to limit the goodness of oats to mornings only. Since oats offer a range of other vitamins and minerals and heart-friendly properties, why not reap the benefits of oatmeal for dinner too?  But, Can We Have Oats For Dinner? Yes, you can. Consultant Nutritionist Rupali Dutta says, “Oats are one of the healthiest foods out there and you can have it any time of the day. It offers good fibre and is great for regulating cholesterol levels, and there is no risk involved in eating them at night unless you have glutamine intolerance.” Nutritionist Shilpa Arora agrees, “Oats can keep you full for a long time, so are a good option to eat at night to avoid late-night hunger pangs. Also, they release the hormone serotonin, which helps reduce stress and gives you a good night’s sleep.”  Now that we have decided to make oatmeal for a healthy and tasty dinner, we will help you get started with some nice recipes. (Also Read: 13 Best Oatmeal Recipes | Easy Oatmeal Recipes)Here’re 5 Oatmeal Recipes For Dinner To Try: 1. Oats And Chicken Oatmeal: We all fancy a yummy chicken dinner after a long day. This oats and chicken porridge is just the protein-rich recipe you need to fix yourself a quick healthy meal. Click here for the recipe of oats and chicken porridge.  2. Masala Oats This is one of the most common and popular oats recipes that you can have for dinner too. Onion, tomatoes and lots of masalas with oats – this oatmeal can never disappoint us. Click here for the recipe for masala oats.3. Oats Khichdi Khichdi is love. Period. Comfort food for many, khichdi is perfect for those days when we want something light but nutritious too. This oats khichdi breaks the monotony of dal khichdi but keeps the healthy quotient just as high. Click here for the recipe for oats khichdi. 4. Oats Dahi Masala Feel like experimenting for dinner? Pick this dish of oats dahi masala. The stellar combination of onion, tomatoes, curd and oats, seasoned with lots of spices will impress your taste buds on the very first bite. Click here for the recipe for oats dahi masala. 5. Instant Oats Dosa Heed your craving for south Indian flavours with this oats dosa that can be prepared instantly. No fermentation in advance is required. The crispy and yummy dosa will level up your dinner table and put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. Click here for the recipe of instant oats dosa. Take out that pack of oats and get cooking a healthy and tasty dinner with it.  Featured Video Of The DayChicken Saagwala Recipe | How To Make Chicken Saagwala

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