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The  Secret society of the Nine Unknown Men was formed shortly after 226 BC by Emperor Ashoka. Grandson of the legendary Emperor who unified the Indian subcontinent, Chandragupta, Ashoka was anxious to uphold his grandfather’s legacy and maintain the empire. In the region between Calcutta and Madras…

Secret Society of Ancient India
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The Kalingan’s resisted the imperial rule, leading to an all-out war. Ashoka’s vastly superior forces are said to have killed over 100,000 of Kalinga’s warriors and deported over 150,000 of the region’s villagers. Even though he had won the war, Ashoka was aghast at the carnage such a victory entailed. From then on, he swore off violence forever.

Emperor Ashoka is best known for his conversion to Buddhism and his efforts to spread the peaceful religion throughout India as well as Malaya, Ceylon, and Indonesia. His efforts contributed to Buddhism’s later rise in China, Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia. Ashoka was a sworn vegetarian but did not force others to do likewise. Indeed, he was incredibly tolerant of other religious sects. He did, however, prohibit the consumption of alcohol.

Secret Society of Ancient India
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Most importantly, “he renounced the idea of trying to integrate the rebellious people, declaring that the only true conquest was to win men’s hearts by observance of the laws of duty and piety, because the Sacred Majesty desired that all living creatures should enjoy security, peace and happiness and be free to live as they pleased” (Pauwels and Bergier).

So committed was the Emperor to this mission that he sought to prevent his fellow man from putting their intelligence towards perpetrating evil, particular the evil involved with warfare. The task of collecting, preserving, and containing all knowledge was too great for one emperor to do alone, not the least because of the other duties required by ruling an empire.

So Ashoka summoned nine of the most brilliant minds in India at the time. For security purposes, the identity of these men was never made public. Together, these geniuses formed a secret society that came to be known as the Nine Unknown Men.

Secret Society of Ancient India
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The organization set up accumulating all of the scientific knowledge they could, from natural science to psychology to the composition of matter. Fearing that if ordinary men were given scientific knowledge they would use it for destruction, only the Nine Men were allowed to study and develop scientific theories and technology.

To better accomplish this daunting task, each of the nine was charged with a specific book that he was to update, revise, and ultimately perfect the knowledge therein. When one of the nine could no longer complete the task – whether from the wish to retire, fading health, or death – the obligation was passed to a chosen successor.

The number of members in the society was always to be nine. Thus the society of the Nine Unknown Men has allegedly lived on for over 2000 years.

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The first book is said to be on propaganda and psychological warfare which teaches how to mold mass opinion. It is said to be the most dangerous of all 9 books.

The second book is about physiology which explains how to kill a person simply by touching. Known as ‘the touch of death’, the book supposedly teaches how to reverse the nerve pulse of a human by a simple touch and kill him or her. Many people say that the martial art form Judo is a result of leakages from this second book.

The third book is said to be dealing with biotechnology and microbiology. Some say that The Nine Unknown Men gave the world the cholera vaccine, which is probably a piece of knowledge retained in this third book. The fourth book deals with transmutation of metals and alchemy.

The fifth book is believed to be on communications and explains how to communicate with extraterrestrials. The sixth book is said to be on gravitation and Vaiminika Shashtra which explains how to build vimanas (airships) which are often referred to as ancient UFOs.

The seventh book is said to be on cosmology holding the secret of time travel including means of inter and intra-universal trips at enormous speeds directly through space-time fabric. The eighth book is believed to be on light which explains how to increase or decrease the speed of light and even use it as a weapon.

The final one – the ninth book is said to be on sociology which holds the secrets of societal evolution and predicting their downfall.

So the question is: Is the secret society of The Nine Unknown Men real? Even if it is, we will probably never come to know, at least not in this lifetime.



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