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The Kongka Pass (Hindi: कोंग्का दर्रा) or Kongka La (Chinese: 空喀山口), elevation 5,171 m (16,965 ft), is a high mountain pass of the Chang-Chemno Range on the Line of Actual Control. China considers the Kongka Pass as its boundary with India,

whereas India regards Lanak Pass further east as the boundary.Colonial-era British sources state that the traditional boundary between Ladakh and Tibet accepted by both sides was at Lanak La.,but modern scholars such as Larry Wortzel and Allen S. Whiting consider Kongka Pass to be the traditional border…..

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There are infinite numbers of galaxies in this great universe, one being our Milky Way. In this galaxy alone, there are over 200 billion stars. Are we the only ones that survive?

There have been several incidents in the past that makes one wonder about the possibility of the existence of a very different life than our own.

  • In 2004, a group of geologists were performing an expedition in the Lahaul-Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh, where they captured a robot like a figure, 4 feet tall and walking on the mountain ridge that disappeared in the pass when the group moved closer to the figure.
  • In 2012, the Indian Army saw a ribbon-shaped object floating in the skies above the Pangong Lake. In order to accurately determine the object, the army brought their radar and spectrum analyzer closer to the object. While the object was clearly visible to the naked eye, the equipments failed to detect any signals, which point out to a different set of spectrum and object known to mankind.
  • An array of strange lights was noticed in the western skies of the pass by a small group of Hindu pilgrims who were on their way to Mount Kailash. When they asked their guide about this unusual phenomenon, the guide very calmingly replied that this was a very common occurrence in that area.
  • Google Earth imagery has caused more speculation than ever. The images show the surrounding buildings in the pass as some kind of military facility.
  • The locals reported that the flying triangular objects emerged from the ground and flew almost straight up in the sky and disappeared quickly.
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  •  A group of Hindu pilgrims moving through the western side of the pass on their way to Mount Kailsah saw some strange lights in sky. The local guides on the Chinese side of the territory said to them that this was a very common occurrence in the area.
  • Intrigued by the lights, the pilgrims, who had the permit of moving to and fro between both countries, decided to check out the area but the Chinese authority denied entry permission. They turned to the Indian side and asked for permission but that too was denied.
  • The Indo-Tibetian Border Police Force has also reported UFO sightings. In 2012 between August 1 and October 15, the police force reported 100 sightings.
  • Prior to that, in 2004, Dr. Anil Kulkarni-led group of glaciologists and geologists from Space Applications Centre of Ahmedabad were on an expedition to Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul-Spiti region. The group encountered a 4-foot tall robot-like humanoid from proximity.
  • The team filmed the humanoid that was moving along the mountain ridges and then took off vertically and disappeared in sky.
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  • In September 2012, above the Pangong Lake, Indian Army noticed a 160 km-long object of the shape of a ribbon. The Pangong Lake is located between Indian and Chinese borders.
  • In order to analyze the floating object, the Indian Army used a ground-based spectrum analyzer capable of detecting frequencies emitted by different objects. While the object was visible to naked eyes, the analyzer failed to pick up any frequencies.
  • Indian Army even tried flying reconnaissance drone to gather information about the object but as the drone reached its altitude limit, it lost sight of the object.
  • An interesting fact about Aksai Chin is that it is the region where the Indian tectonic plate and the Eurasian tectonic plates meet together in a very weird way. One plate dives directly under the other, making the area one of the very few place in world where Earth‘s crust is very thick – nearly twice the usual thickness.
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Going by the facts and past experiences, experts and extraterrestrial investigators have pointed out the anomaly in the region. Given the recurring nature of appearances of these terrestrial objects, one is forced to believe in the unnatural.

But without concrete evidence and scientific explanations, we chose to remain ignorant of the issues that can transform the mankind forever.


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