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Farah Khan’s social media posts are quite interesting. Right from snippets of her family moments to her mouth-watering foodie adventures, one can find it all on her Instagram timeline. Now, Farah has shared a glimpse of her latest indulgence where she was accompanied by noted filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker along with other friends. Not only that, she also gorged on some drool-worthy foods with them. In the video, first, Farah can be seen looking at the camera mentioning the place they visited. Further, she shows everyone a view of the super enticing dish kept in front of her. What is it? Cheesy garlic bread. The cheese garlic cracked bun came with the much-needed cheese pull that left us salivating instantly. Farah takes out a bite from it and says, “This is the most amazing cheesy garlic bread which I am going to give to my friend over here, the world-famous renowned Ashutosh.” She then goes on to share a bite with her another friend Shazia and ultimately Avinash Gowariker who was busy capturing her. Along with this, we could also spot some dips and drinks among other food items kept on the table. Farah Khan wrote, “Friends that eat together.”   Also read: Farah Khan Calls Karan Johar’s Breakfast “Designer” As He Enjoys This DishIn the next immediate frame, we could spot Farah Khan posing with another sumptuous food item kept in front of her on the table. The delight seemed like baked bread pieces topped with greens, cheese and various kinds of sauces. She wrote, “To eat or not to eat? The answer is always, to eat.”  If you are in for a treat like Farah Khan, here are some tasty dishes you can devour. This is a list showcasing five indulgent bread recipes. Check them out.Here’re 5 Bread-Based Recipes You Can Try:1. Stuffed Vegetable BreadThis is a truly wonderful dish that can take your taste buds on a ride. Bread pockets stuffed with a heavenly mixture of vegetables taste yummilicious. Do give it a try. Recipe here.2. Tadka Bread SnackNow, this is another interesting way of relishing bread. The chunks of bread doused in onions, tomatoes, chillies and yoghurt with a hint of fresh lime juice are a sheer delight to have. You can prepare this tadka snack in just twenty minutes. See the recipe here.3. BruschettaDo you like Bruschetta? Well, yes, it features bread slices decorated with tomato-basil and mushroom garlic toppings. It’s a classic Italian starter that’s equal parts healthy. It’s loaded with potassium and vitamin C. Click here for the recipe.4. Paneer Bhurji SandwichWho doesn’t like bingeing on sandwiches? This one food item is our go-to dish whenever we are hungry. This snack is a winner and it carries the goodness of paneer bhurji. Find the recipe here.5. Tawa Bread RollsThis can be called a healthier version of your regular bread rolls. If you want to enjoy the dish stuffed with a lovely filling of mashed boiled potatoes, but its deep-frying process troubles you, no need to stick to the traditional recipe. Just prepare bread rolls and pan-fry them on a tawa. Recipe here.What are you going to try now? Do let us know about your food choice.Featured Video Of The DayChicken Saagwala Recipe | How To Make Chicken Saagwala

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