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Bhagyashree is in Lucknow right now and her latest Instagram updates from the city of Nawabs are enough to convey that she is having a blast. And food being the major highlight of her visit, how can we miss out on that part of her trip? Now, being in a city that’s steeped in history and is popular for its rich food heritage, it’s difficult to resist the mouth-watering food available there. Bhagyashree shared a snap of her dessert tales on Instagram Stories and, guess what? It shows an absolutely delightful makkhan malai. For those who don’t know, this is a popular traditional sweet dish made with milk cream, mainly available in Lucknow and Kanpur. Bhagyashree’s snap showcased the creamy dessert topped with dry fruits. She just used the hashtags “Makkhan malai,” “Lucknow” and “Wedding diaries.”In the next video, Bhagyashree treated us to a glimpse of her food platter. The main dishes included finger-licking chur chur naan, a famous Indian flatbread that’s crispy and flaky. Bhagyashree teamed it with a gravy-rich curry made with a whole lot of spices.    If Bhagyashree’s Instagram Stories made you slurp, you might be willing to go through a similar experience. To recreate a meal that’s like the actress’s latest gastronomic adventure, take a look at the five excellent recipes below.1) Chur Chur NaanUsually, relished with dollops of ghee on top, this popular Indian bread is a must-try. People usually like to savour it with chole curry or aloo rasedaar, however, it tastes good with many other gravy-rich curries as well. It’s flaky in texture and can be a good choice to add to your meal. Recipe here.2) Aloo RasedaarPotatoes make for one of the most easily available vegetables in every household. Besides being a great accompaniment with any other vegetable, the potato itself is delicious when cooked with a range of masalas and homely ingredients. To taste aloo in its best form, cook up this aloo rasedaar and devour it with steamed rice or chapatis.  Here is the recipe.3) Shahi Tukda With PineappleJust like Makhan malai, this is another interesting dessert that’s unmissable from the North Indian food scene. Also known as a Royal dessert, this rich, saffron-infused treat belongs to Awadhi cuisine. The highlight of the sweet is the heavenly topping of pistachios and almonds. Recipe inside.4) Galouti KebabIf you ever happen to visit Lucknow, do try this one out. Galouti kebab is known for its melt-in-the-mouth texture and rich taste. However, the best thing is that you can try making it at home as well. Take a look at the recipe.5) Dum Murgh Ki Kacchi BiryaniAre you a fan of biryani? Well, if yes, then do give this recipe a try. Dum murgh ki kacchi biryani features a sumptuous spicy rice dish made with various masalas. This aromatic biryani will amp up your meal in no time.  The recipe is here.Do prepare a nice North Indian meal at home and enjoy it with your family members.Featured Video Of The DayCarrot And Strawberry Smoothie Recipe | How To Make Carrot And Strawberry Smoothie

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