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Every teenager student wants to earn to fulfill their basic needs and enjoy a carefree lifestyle, I also have been wanting to do that from a long time but only met fakes which didn’t help me even a little, until I found this trick or let’s say came across this trick. When I used it in a manner where I can earn money using this, I made a lot. So, without further due, let’s start with the show.

Well, this trick is about increasing followers, likes, views, story views, subscribers,  tik tok followers & likes, pages likes on Facebook, and many many more, I have already made more than 30,000 Rs in 1 month while doing nothing.

How can we do this? 

It is effortless, what we need to do is to visit  ” ” register yourself and get started.

There is also no risk as we have only to use the links of accounts or posts and give the order on the server.

Never give too many orders on the same account altogether, wait for the 1st to be completed and then move onto another.

So, how can I earn this?

Make an Instagram account name it anything you like related to selling likes and followers, write an attractive description, and upload some photos with rates and all written on it. When the account is ready to find a page who can do your promotion (you have to pay them), and when others see their stories, they will contact you and ask for your service, remember to check the server price. You have to pay the money to the server as well. Still, the amount on the server is meager, for example, for 1000 followers, it might be 60 to 100, or even more, there are multiple options. Again, you have to charge your fees as well so cost like 150 or so this will help you make money, and if you get 20 requests per day you can make more than 1000 rs per day, you can sell this trick as well while charging any amount you see fit.  

I hope this trick helps everyone make more and more money !!

Peace out !!

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