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I want to tell you that if you are real PUBG lover and you love pubg so read it full. We all know that PUBG is the best game for kid but not for our family and this problem for PUBG LOVERS and all people  agree on that but friend play pubg put not too much it not good for your health and your body also so please did not broke your family and also you all are very important for your family and you are the future of the Earth and pubg is game and you are in real and you are become pro in pubg but there is big problem internet 😡 because in India there is jio and many people face problem will pubg and the all favorite of all pubg players it headshot and it is all pubg players favorite and the gun AWM is best in pubg. You think if there is 30 people out of 30 people the pubg finish in 4.0 min beceuse all people do headshot and if you don’t have good phone it has 2 gb ram but pubg work in 3 gb ram and then they go to father for new mobile our and my father give tight slap we did not ask it again then there is two type of people pro and noob and one also earths biggest noob you don’t play with them because they don’t now what to do because they open there chat and ask for everything that what is this how to use it and so many things etc. So all people if you have more than 3 gb ram so play and if you don’t have so enjoy with free fire and if you have 6 gb or 8 gb ram so you can play Fortnite.

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