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Ajay Devgn is the brand ambassador of Mahindra Truck And BusA publicity stunt from the Mahindra Group has amused Twitter – especially after the Group’s chairman and prolific tweeter Anand Mahindra got involved. On Sunday, Mahindra Truck And Bus – the Mahindra Group’s commercial vehicle manufacturing division – shared a video featuring brand ambassador Ajay Devgn. The scripted video was played off as Ajay Devgn getting irritated while filming an ad for the company. “Ye baar baar script kyun badal rahe ho? (Why is the script being changed constantly?)” an annoyed-looking Mr Devgn was seen asking in the video. A person off-camera sheepishly responds that the script has only been changed four times, earning an exasperated sigh from the actor. The video then ends with a “Keep watching” disclaimer – indicating that there is more to come. Sharing the clip on Twitter, Anand Mahindra wrote: “I was informed that @ajaydevgn lost his cool on a @MahindraTrukBus film shoot.”I better leave town before he comes after me in one our trucks…” he added, apparently in jest.I was informed that @ajaydevgn lost his cool on a @MahindraTrukBus film shoot. I better leave town before he comes after me in one our trucks…— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) February 14, 2022Mr Mahindra’s reaction amused many, racking up more than a thousand ‘likes’ on the microblogging platform. “Good way to advertise,” wrote one Twitter user. “Hmmmmm..we’re going the CRED way, are we?” another asked, referring to CRED’s famous ad featuring Rahul Dravid as “Indiranagar ka gunda”. “He will come in two trucks. I think you are not aware of his stunts,” a Twitter user warned Mr Mahindra.????????— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) February 14, 2022In September last year, Ajay Devgn had recreated his iconic split scene from Phool Aur Kaante for a Mahindra Truck And Bus ad. Mr Mahindra had shared the ad on Twitter – and Ajay Devgn had responded by saying it was great shooting the commercial.30 years ago, in his debut Bollywood film, Phool Aur Kaante, @ajaydevgn performed his original master act, the split. And now, he does it again, this time for Mahindra…Watch this space for more…— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) September 14, 2021Thanks Anand, My special feats will always be reserved for Mahindra. It was great shooting this commercial.@anandmahindra@MahindraTrukBus— Rudra (@ajaydevgn) September 16, 2021What do you think? Let us know using the comments section. Click for more trending news

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