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Delhi Police have registered a case and investigation in on.New Delhi: An 87-year-old woman was allegedly raped in Delhi’s Tilak Nigar yesterday. Police have registered a case and investigation in on.The woman lives with her 65-year-old daughter. The family claims that an unknown person entered the house yesterday afternoon when the daughter had gone for a walk.He entered the house around 12.30, raped the woman, and left before 1.30 pm, alleges the survivor’s family.Family members claim that the clothes of the survivor were torn and she was bleeding when the daughter got back home.Delhi Police say that the daughter had filed a complaint about the theft of a mobile phone, and a theft case had been filed.”On 13.02.22, a written complaint of theft of mobile phone from a house in Tilak Nagar was received from the daughter of a senior citizen, after which FIR under relevant sections was promptly registered,” Delhi Police said on its official Twitter handle.The daughter today alleged that her mother had been sexually assaulted, police said. Relevant sections have been added to the FIR and the investigation is on.Police also said that they are providing counseling and all necessary assistance to the survivor.

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