Strange India All Strange Things About India and world


10. On 10 October 2017, JeffBassos earned Rs 35,000 crore in just five minutes.



9. Do you know that diamond is the strongest metal in the world but limpet which is a sea creature has stronger teeth than diamond?




8. Which according to you can be the most famous game of this world? Do you know that the most famous or highest grossing game of this world is “Mario?   


  Its lifetime revenue is Rs 1,80,000 crore.


7. Whatever method of tying a tie, some people believe that it can be tied in 30 ways and some people can also tie it in 500 to 1000 thousand ways but according to scientists It can be tied in 1,77,147 ways.


6. Octopus, which is a large sea creature, but when it is born, its size is about two to two and a half inches, meaning it is so small it can come to the tip of your finger.




5. “SENECIO PERE VALLHUND” On seeing its leaves, it seems that a dolphin fish is jumping.


4. Before 1987, the doctors believed that children do not have pain, therefore, the children on whom surgery is done are given without “ANESTHESIA”.



“ANESTHESIA” which is that it is given before the operation or any surgery and it does not feel pain.


3. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, earns Rs 4,00,000 in a minute, which a high-ranking person from India earns in a year.


2. China’s “THE THREE GORGES” is the largest dam in the world and due to this the rotational speed of the earth has been reduced by 60 nanosaccades.


1. The enzyme that is released to digest food in the stomach can also choke a blade, but why does the stomach not melt itself because there is a surface called mux that protects the stomach from enzymes


#. An asteroid named “433 EROS” which rotates in front of the earth and according to NASA its composition is also similar to that of the earth. It has gold and platinum worth Rs 1,43,49,00,00,00,00,000.



#. According to a new psychological research, people like black color or whose favorite color is black, their brain is the most beautiful and sharp.

#.Venus planet orbits the Sun in 224 days, but it rotates on its axis in 243 days, so one day on Venus is more than one year.


#. Once a train was delayed 35 seconds in Japan, the driver apologized for it, and “CENTRAL JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY” refunded all the money of all passengers.


#.quick recall trick. Read by speaking and when you read by speaking, then try to listen to your voice with your right ear. It is scientifically proven that your right ear is more efficient than the left ear.


#. Trick to reduce headache. Pressing the hand valley point with your right or left hand reduces your head pain. Just press on this place for one minute and leave it, then after one minute your head pain reduces.


#.Trick to calm the mind. Pressing the inner gate point with the thumb of your hand calms your heartbeat and your mind. Press and release this point for just one minute.


#.Trick to remove negative thoughts. Pressing the Thumbnail point changes your state of mind, meaning this point removes your negative thoughts. Press this point for 60 seconds and release it.

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