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Climate catastrophe is the greatest global challenge is being estimated that at the end of this century the temperature of the globe have risen by 3°c to 4°c. It doesn’t seem like much but in the last century the global temperature only rose around 0.8°c.Until recently, scientists thought climate disaster was still too distant a prospect for ordinary people to personally or politically get concerned about. Today, a near 100 per cent scientific consensus regards climate change as an emerging global catastrophe hurtling towards us at ever-increasing speed.

Human activities are mojor reason of cause of global warming and are presently driving climate cahnge either it is due to deforestation or release of harmful & temperature rising gases in air causing the rise of temperature of Earth and melting of glacier on mountains resulting flood and increase in sea level.

Major Green house Gases that are cause of Global warming are

water vapour 36-70 %

CarbonDioxide 6-26%

Methane        4-9%

ozone     3-7%

The 80% Global warming is due to carbon diaoxide and sources are from power pants,burning of fossil fules.

I urge WORLD LEADERS and officials concerned to take note of this issue and find a remedy as soon as possible.Also i recommend that we should deal with this catastrophic situation by using sustainable Methods & forestation.


Fareed Mahmood

Chemical Engineer

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