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It is always fun to watch the internet get angry about food. I’m pretty good at spotting outrage-inducing dishes (before the outrage even begins), and one thing I know with utter certainty is that most people do not appreciate whimsy. Case in point: These tiny fried eggs, which are causing quite a stir on Reddit.

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If you are not on TikTok, you have probably not encountered this method. It’s pretty simple: Freeze an egg (shell and all), then peel it, slice it, and fry the slices to make “mini fried eggs.” Reddit and TikTok are, in my mind, diametrically opposed, so I am not surprised that the keyboard warriors at former are incensed over the harmless silliness of a sliced and fried frozen egg:

My little sis just asked me if we can freeze eggs, peel them, then slice them up and fry them. She says she saw someone on TikTok doing it, but can’t find the video now. As much trouble as folks in here seem to have peeling a boiled egg, I can’t imagine that a frozen egg would be any easier, or wouldn’t break/explode in the freezer.

I’m glad she’s learning about cooking, but this seems like a super bad idea. Thoughts? Experiences?

As a love of fried eggs and champion of whimsy, I knew I had to try it.

How to freeze an egg in its shell

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I’ve always read that you should crack an egg into a separate container, like an ice cube tray, before freezing, but it turns out whole, shell-on eggs freeze just fine, with one caveat: According to the USDA, freezing eggs whole is not ideal, as they can crack during freezing. But as long as the shell does not crack, the egg is safe to use. (If your egg does crack, throw it out.)

Unlike some boiled eggs, frozen are excessively easy to peel. Run them under warm water for about 30 seconds to take off the chill, then crack and peel as usual. The egg will be slippery and cold, but it one solid piece.

How to slice a frozen egg

From there, it’s pretty easy to slice the egg, though you might want to place a paper towel underneath it to keep it from slipping around. Using a sharp knife, make the slices as thin or as thick as you’d like; I tried a number of different sizes and they all worked fine, though a larger slice will give you a jammier yolk.

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The eggs start melting pretty rapidly, so make sure you have your pan warmed and ready to go before you start peeling and slicing. (A melting egg is texturally uncanny, cold and slimy, but not entirely unpleasant.)

How to fry a sliced, frozen egg

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Place a nonstick pan over medium heat and add a tablespoon or so of butter. Let the butter melt and sizzle, until it just starts to brown, then add the eggs slices. Cook them until the whites are fully set, and the yolk is jammy. You can flip ‘em in the pan if you want, or leave them sunny side up. You won’t be able to get a fully runny yolk, but you do get a pleasing ratio of soft, spreadable yolk and crispy fried white.

The flavor was not affected by the freezing; these little guys tasted like any other fried eggs, only they were smaller, and had a better yolk to white ratio. In short: They are fun, and I ate them with my hands.

Who are mini fried eggs for?

These are eggs for babies, and I mean that as a compliment. They are meant for children and silly adults (like me). Unless you have a comical amount of eggs, there’s no real reason to store them in the freezer, but I cannot deny that I find the small, almost cartoonish looking eggs utterly charming, and while I’m not around many toddlers, I feel like this presentation would appeal to them. Make tiny breakfast sandwiches on miniature pancakes, or serve them simply with a side of bacon. (I suspect quail eggs would appeal to toddlers as well, but this is a much cheaper option.)

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