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Some of my favorite foods are utilitarian sources of protein. Cottage cheese, jerky, hard boiled eggs—things I can grab and shove in my face the moment I realize I’m way past hungry. (Being a food writer does not automatically make one good at recognizing hunger cues, as it turns out.) Hard boiled eggs are one of my favorite breakfasts, but sometimes I want something warm and toasty, with a bit of texture, and a cold, slick hard boiled egg just won’t cut it.

Luckily, hard boiled eggs take very well to a quick frying.

Frying a hard boiled egg is simple. Halve the egg, sprinkle it with a little salt, and melt some butter (about a tablespoon per egg) in a nonstick pan over medium-high heat. Once most of the foaming has subsided and the butter is just about to start browning, add the eggs, cut side down, and let them fry for about two minutes, until the are browned and crispy on the edges. Try to resist flipping back and forth, as that can lead to violent pops. (Moisture gets trapped under the flat side of the egg with each flip, causing a small explosion.) Once the cut side is browned, flip the egg and let the bottom get a little heat.

Who is this egg for? It’s for the person who wants a warm breakfast, but can’t take even a hint of runniness in their eggs; it’s for the person who wants a warm egg, but already meal-prepped their eggs in a hard boiled state; it’s for me, someone who is always looking for new and interesting ways to eat eggs.

Simply put, the bit of crispy texture on the edges and toasted flavor from the browned butter makes this egg a little more interesting and inviting. It’s good as is, on salad or in a rice bowl, but it could also be used to make an intriguing egg salad, or an incredible un-deviled egg. Frying makes a decidedly utilitarian food a little less utilitarian, a welcome move on a hectic weekday morning, particularly if you are prone to forgetting to feed yourself.


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