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Credit: Product image courtesy of Peloton.

If you always felt like Pelotons were out of reach, perhaps a $900 discount might help. The Peloton+, Peloton’s best exercise bike, is currently matching it’s lowest price, which we last saw during a New Year sale. You can get a refurbished Peloton+ for $1,595, which is $400 off the usual refurbished price and $900 off the new one. The regular refurbished Peloton Bike is also seeing a discount, currently at $995, which is $150 off its regular refurbished price and $450 off the price of a new one. If you want them new, Amazon has the best prices at the moment, with the Bike for $1250 (originally $1,445) and the Bike+ for $2,100 (originally $2,495).

Your Peloton options right now:

Here is how Lifehacker Senior Health Editor Beth Skwarecki described these Pelotons:

The Bike is a solidly built spin bike with a big touchscreen on which you can play classes led by the platform’s instructors/motivational speakers or experience the “other” rides: scenic routes, a video game that you play by adjusting your resistance knob, and the still-in-beta Entertainment feature that may allow you to watch Netflix while you exercise.

The Bike+ has everything the Bike has, plus resistance that automatically adjusts when you’re following along with a class. The touchscreen is also on a swivel, allowing you to do yoga and strength classes on the floor next to your Bike+.

Beth gives a breakdown of what you can expect as well as which of the two bikes would be a better fit for your needs. Keep in mind you’ll need a $44 per month “All Access” membership to use all of the Bike’s features. Amazon offers free “inside entryway” delivery when you order a Peloton Bike or Bike+.

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