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Winter is here and we are enjoying every bit of it. Besides the nippy weather and warm mittens, it also brings along some delicious foods that add on to the vibe of the season. If you look into our food pattern closely, you will find warm and soothing foods making their way back to our lives during this time of the year. From masala chai, warm soup to jaggery, til and more – we indulge in many-a-thing to beat the cold outside. But let’s agree, we hate spending long hours in the kitchen.  In fact, during the winters, we hate doing all those chores that involve usage of water.  Much agreeable? Hence, we always look for recipes that are basic and involve lesser steps in the process. Bissi bele bath is one such dish that we love preparing during the season. Also read: 15 Best South Indian Recipes | Easy South Indian RecipesClose cousin to the classic dish – khichdi, bissi bele bath is a South Indian delicacy that is prepared by mixing rice, dal, veggies, a medley of flavourful spices and of course, oodles of ghee. For the unversed, ‘bele’ refers to lentil (dal). Now you might wonder what makes bissi bele bhath winter-special? The answer lies in the ingredients. What Makes Bissi Bele Bhath A Perfect Winter Delicacy: As mentioned earlier, this recipe includes both rice and dal – both of which pack us with essential amino acids. That’s not all. Going a step further, the dish also comes with the goodness of seasonal vegetables. In one word, bissi bele bath spells wholesome. Winter-Special Recipe: How To Make Bissi Bele Bhath: According to food wizard Ashwin Rajagopalan, “The key to the Bisi Bele Bath is the masala that brings together an assortment of spices”. The dish has understated sweet and sour tones (due to jaggery and tamarind), with a zing of pepper – making it utterly irresistible for all. To make this dish, first roast cinnamon, dry coconut, black pepper corn in some oil, then grind it with chana dal, coriander seeds, red chillies and onion.  Now boil rice and dal together to make soft khichdi and add vegetables, masala paste, imli and jaggery to it. Finally add a tadka of mustard seeds, curry leaves and cumin and serve hot.  Click here for detailed recipe of bissi bele bhath. Quite a simple recipe; isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Try this dish today and put together a wholesome meal in just no time.  Featured Video Of The DayPaneer Masala Fry Recipe | How To Make Paneer Masala Fry

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