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A food which promises one too many health benefits and exhibits an exciting play of flavour and colour on our plates is none other but beetroot. Calling it just another vegetable would be an understatement. Beetroot easily fits into our culinary adventures and is also credited for adding life to even the most mundane affairs. When it comes to listing down health benefits, it is safe to say – we will run out of ink. Beetroots are low in calories, have almost negligible fat content and also help in reducing blood pressure. Beetroot is an excellent source of iron, therefore it is great for maintaining healthy haemoglobin levels, aids in the production of red blood cells and is a natural blood purifier. Let’s just say there are more than enough reasons to munch on this ruby red delight. Throw some beetroot cubes while preparing your garden-fresh salad or stuff it in between your sandwiches. Dips and chutneys with a vibrant red colour or probably a delectable dessert – you can cook with beetroot as you please. But, considering the cold months, we suggest a bowl of piping hot beetroot soup. What say?Here Are 5 Beetroot Soups For Winter Immunity:1. Beetroot SoupLet’s begin with a classic. Here is an easy and quick beetroot soup recipe that will boost your immunity this winter season. Recipe here.2. Beetroot and Coconut SoupBeetroot when mixed with lemongrass, vegetable stock, lime, and some coconut milk creates a bowl of yummy indulgence. You would not want to miss this creamy rich bowl of soup. Click here for recipe.(Also Read: Winter Diet Tips: Give Beetroot A Delicious Spin With This Delightful Soup Recipe)Beetroot soup can also be made with a hint of coconut. Photo: iStock3. Beetroot Chicken SoupNot only vegetables, beetroot also gets paired with chicken to give us this lip-smackingly delicious soup recipe. It will surely help you to sustain the cold weather. Full recipe here.4. Beetroot and Green Apple SoupThe freshness of apple and beetroot is a combination we never knew we needed. Try out the recipe now and thank us later. Click here.5. Beetroot and Carrot SoupSteam beetroots, carrots and tomatoes in a pot with some salt. Grind it in a mixer, and pass the pulp through a sieve. Next, boil it with some spices until the required consistency is formed.Which one of these recipes is your favourite? Tell us in the comments.Featured Video Of The DayMulled Wine Recipe | How To Make Mulled Wine

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