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Take a nice deep breath. Feel how satisfying that is? What you are breathing is in Oxygen that takes UPS roughly 21% of Earth’s atmosphere, with 78% being nitrogen, although it’s not what is the most abundant gas in our atmosphere, which is the most important. Without oxygen, plants, animals, water, and humans wouldn’t be where we are today. Five seconds may not sound like a whole lot of time to be without Oxygen. Most of us can go at least 30 seconds without taking a breath, so it would happen to fast for your body even to notice. Your breathing food remains familiar, but as fast as everything else not so much in just 5 seconds, the Earth’s would look completely different. Without Oxygen, you can say goodbye to the Hoover Dam, the Pantheon Dome, and everything else made of concrete; this is structure would instantly collapse. Oxygen acts as a special binding agent to concrete without its concrete is just dust. Speaking of buildings and untreated metal would be directly fused together.this is because there’s a layer of oxidation on metal that prevents them from welding together without that layer metals would instantly bind to each other. If you happen to be relaxing at the beach at that time, expect a severe sunburn ozone layer protection against the sun’s UV rays is made up of Oxygen take away Oxygen, and the Earth would become extremely dangerous. Ther would be nothing protecting us from the sun’s UV rays. Send to sunburn on inner ear would explore. Losing Oxygen means losing 21% of air pressure change in air pressure that plastic is equivalent to being a sea-level and dropping down two hundred thousand meters instantly. All year student has enough time to adopt having a do good times reasonably don’t expect it to be last long without Oxygen there is no fire the combustion process in vehicles won’t be able to occur any mode of transport that is an electric will automatically fail. Planes will fall from the sky, and millions of class will be stopping in their dresses sky would be completely dark before it hits the Earthlight from the sun bounces of multiple particles in the air without Oxygen in the atmosphere there are fewer things to bounce off and the sky will appear dark and wild all this happens the Earth’s crust would completely scramble that’s because Earth’s crust is made up of 45% oxygen. Because it would crumble and continue to grind until there’s nothing left sending you everyone on the planets in 2ac call sound like fun probably not, but luckily was can take a deep breath of 21% oxygen knowing this will never happen what is with terms is thrash into a volcano.


A volcano is one of the most unforgiving natural phenomena on Earth .if you were calling to its Magma film centers your body would quickly bubble up and disappear without a trace, so they ask is so good at getting rid of things by Arundhati using them to get rid of garbage is everyone tried it before how would we transport asked to them what dangers wood with involved. Volcanoes might look like nature’s garbage, but in reality, they are much more dangerous and unstable, not to mention not others to get to good over the obstacles. Divas that a wood dumping garbage and volcanoes Just cause even more damage to the Earth as a planet.

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