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What Are The Best Snacks To Eat After A Workout Session - Expert Reveals 1
Let’s admit, most of us people struggle to gather the motivation to hit the gym. However, there are some people who are quite regular and follow a proper fitness routine. But have you ever wondered what motivates them to follow their routine? The food that we eat before and after a workout session can have a huge impact on our workout performance, thus motivating us to do better. While we are all familiar with various pre-workout meals that help provide energy to our body, are you aware of the post-workout meals that you should eat? Recently, nutritionist Lovneet Batra took to Instagram to share some healthy snacks that one can indulge in after a rigorous workout session. These snacks help our body recover after a workout session. Also read: Fitness Diet: What To Eat Before, During And After A Heavy Workout SessionShe shared a post on Instagram stating three best post-workout snacks that you can eat after exercising. In the caption, the health expert stated “When planning a workout, there is a lot that goes into it to help you reach your goals. As a part of that effort, there is a good chance you put a lot of thought into your post-workout meal. Consuming the right nutrients after exercise is just as important as eating before.”These are the three best post-workout snacks:1. Lovneet Batra suggests having a bowl of boiled chana along with a glass of buttermilk.2. She also suggests having (100 grams) of scrambled tofu with roasted sesame and flax seeds (1 teaspoon).3) The health expert also suggests having about 100 grams of paneer. Do you know that each macronutrient — protein, carbs, and fat — is involved in your body’s post-workout recovery process? Yes, that’s what the nutritionist explained in the caption.Why should you eat after a workout session?1. Basically, what you eat after a workout can help in optimising your recovery.2. Generally, experts recommend that you should consume 10 to 20 grams of protein after a workout, depending on your body weight, workout duration and workout intensity.3. Healthy fats help your muscles repair, recover, and grow.4. Go for complex carbs that help your muscle replenish the glycogen they just lost while training.The nutritionist wrote, “According to research, eating your post-workout meal within 45 minutes, as a delay of carb consumption by as little as 2 hours after a workout may lead to as much as 50% lower rates of glycogen synthesis. Finally, replenishing lost water and electrolytes can complete the picture and help you maximize the benefits of your workout.”The reason why health experts like Lovneet are so specific about post-workout diets is that the nutritional requirements of your body post a workout session are different. That aspect needs to be addressed with a diet that helps your body recover, repair, and build muscles.

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