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Viswanathan Anand retweeted a video, with the caption “The question of the day!”India’s chess legend Viswanathan Anand was recently left puzzled after two young fans asked him a question at the Chess Olympiad in Chennai. Taking to Twitter, Mr Anand retweeted a video, with the caption “The question of the day!” In the clip, eight-year-old twin sisters were heard asking the former world chess champion a question about chess. The video opened with the kids deeply contemplating what to ask Mr Anand and in the end, they asked something about “distracting” the chess pieces. Watch the video below:The question of the day!— Viswanathan Anand (@vishy64theking) July 31, 2022At first, the Grandmaster misunderstood the question and started answering. However, seconds later, one of the little girls interrupted him and repeated her question. Confused Mr Anand then said, “I have no idea. I try my best but they were get distracted”. He added, “I’m sorry but you can try and distract the opponents but I don’t know how o distract the pieces.”The question not only left Viswanathan Anand confused but also stumped several internet users. One said, “Vishy you should understand their question in person, maybe they would have developed some new techniques which no one has ever imagined in the game.” Another added, “Only a boundlessly creative mind which is consumed by the game could think along those lines!”Viral Video | Jellyfish Swarm Israel’s Coast, Climate Change BlamedA third explained, “If a piece can move, it can threat other pieces, it can take etc. then it can be distracted. Just Brilliant. Its a great question, when I think from an eight-year-old’s perspective.” “I think what she means is how to distract and trap your enemy pieces making them fall a prey to your distraction,” wrote fourth. The 44th Chess Olympiad is currently going on in Chennai and it will conclude on August 10. In nearly 100 years of the history of the Chess Olympiad, this is the first time that India is hosting this event. Mr Anand had decided not to participate this time but he is guiding the Indian team in Mamallapuram. Click for more trending news

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