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The video collected nearly 43,000 views and prompted amusing reactions.New Delhi: Ola founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has shared a video that, according to him, shows the most creative use of the Ola electric scooter. It shows the vehicle’s speakers being used for live cricket commentary.In the clip, uploaded on Twitter, an Ola electric scooter is parked on an open ground as some men play local cricket. A man is standing next to the scooter holding a mobile phone, which seems to be connected to the vehicle wirelessly. He uses the scooter’s speakers as a megaphone for live cricket commentary while watching a match.“This has to be the most creative use of our vehicle I have seen so far,” Mr Aggarwal wrote.This has to be the most creative use of our vehicle I have seen so far ????????????— Bhavish Aggarwal (@bhash) December 22, 2022The video collected nearly 43,000 views and prompted amusing reactions.“Ye India hai sahab, Bhavish Aggarwal, everything is possible here,” a user wrote.Ye India hai sahab @bhash.. everything is possible here..— Karan Karnawat (@karan_karnawat) December 23, 2022Another said, “This can be a game changer for commercial vendors…move over megaphones”.This can be game changer for commercial vendors…move over megaphones ????????????????????— Abhishek (@abhi_tc) December 23, 2022Many appreciated the innovative use of the vehicle.“Very impressive, cost-effective operations,” a comment read.Very impressive, cost effective operations.— Lokesh Reddy (@lokikothur) December 23, 2022“Wow, really innovative usage. Awesome,” a user wrote.Wow really innovative usage. Awesome ????— Shaikemoitheen (@shaike1985) December 23, 2022Some claimed that the video was from Odisha.This is from my motherland Odisha. So creative people.— Sandipta Kumar Rana (@isandipta) December 22, 2022“This video is from Odisha. You should visit sir!” a person wrote.This video is from Odisha????????You should visit sir!— Soumya Maharana (@SoumyaMaharana_) December 23, 2022A person said, “Haha! Consumers are the real ambassadors!”Haha ! Consumers are the Real Ambassadors !— Mahesh Alanthat (@MaheshAlanthat) December 23, 2022One exclaimed, “Indians are always on the next level!”Indian’s are always on next level!— Shubham Rathi (@shurathi17) December 22, 2022“Just Indians being Indians,” another said.Just Indians being indians????— Ronaq (@Ronaq_17) December 22, 2022This is not the first time an Ola electric scooter has been used creatively. Earlier, a video did rounds on the Internet that showed how the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter saved the day during a Garba event in Gujarat. When the lights went out, the built-in speakers of the scooter were used to play music so that the celebrations don’t stop. “We will build a special Navratri mode before next year into MoveOS,” the Ola CEO had said at that time.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayActor Kamal Haasan Joins Congress Yatra With Gandhis In Delhi

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