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Some Instagram users called it a “bold move” while many questioned the driver.A bus driver opens a window, dangles meat on a stick and invites a tiger, who then makes a clean leap and gobbles up the treat as seen in a video that is now in wide circulation.The video which has stunned the internet, was shared by ‘The Amazing Tigers’ on Instagram.In the video, the man can be seen holding a piece of meat on a stick, the tiger ambles in and then jumps up to grab its treat through the small opening of the window and then wipes its face with the paw.After feeding the tiger, the driver motions the animal to go away and shuts the window.The video has over 30,000 thousand likes on Instagram. Reacting to the video, some called it a “bold move”, while many questioned the driver.”Hope you know cats can get into small spaces in just one leap. Keep doing foolishness for likes,” said a user.Another commented, “Wild beasts run away. Avoid such videos. Do not disturb animals for posts.”Click for more trending news

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