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A workout regime is a must in everyone’s daily routine. Whether you prefer intense workouts or like to keep them light and relaxed, some amount of movement daily is a must. Nowadays, the importance of post- and pre-workout meals is being highlighted by fitness experts and health enthusiasts. They are of the belief that the right kind of meal is crucial both before and after a workout. If you are wondering what to eat after putting your body through a rigorous exercise regime, we have just what you need. These Indian meals are ideal for post-workout and can be easily made at home.Expert nutritionist Jyoti Dalmia shared the video on her channel ‘Magic In My Food’. In the clip, she explained that eating the right kind of food post your workout is crucial. “Post-exercise, the body tries to rebuild its glycogen stores, and repair and regrow. Eating the right foods will ensure your body gets the suitable protein and carbs,” she wrote in the video.(Also Read: 10 Pre and Post Workout Snack Recipes)A delicious smoothie can also work as a post-workout meal. Photo Credit: iStockSo, what is the right time to eat post-workout? Dalmia suggested, “The recovery window is within 1-2 hours after the workout, so try to eat something as soon as you can.” She further suggested a number of post-workout meal options that are Indian and highly recommended for a healthy diet.1. With Rotis And CheelaIf you are a person who likes to consume Roti or cheela, Dalmia has a number of suggestions for you. You can savour various combinations with your usual meal in order to make it high protein and suitable for your post-workout meal. Choose from Moong Dal Cheela with Green Chutney, Gatte ki Sabzi with Bhakri. Want to keep it even more simple? Just eat Palak Paneer with Roti or Maa ki Dal with Jowar Roti. (Also Read: What to Eat After a Workout at the Gym: 5 Easy Tips)Palak paneer paired with roti spells delicious and is fulfilling too. Photo: iStock2. For Rice LoversWhile Dalmia did not recommend white rice for the post-workout meal, she surely suggested having brown rice with an array of high-protein accompaniments. Thus, you can have some variety in your post-workout meals and still keep them Indian and healthy. Dalmia recommended Chole with Brown Rice or Rajma with Brown Rice. She was also in favour of an Asian-inspired meal like Grilled Soy with Vegetables and Brown Rice.3. Keep It LightThere are many people who do not like to eat heavy meals post rigorous workout sessions. For such health enthusiasts, there are a number of options that the expert nutritionist suggested. You can pick from Idli Sambhar with Chutney or Paneer Tikka, both of which have good protein and carbohydrates. If you want to keep it even lighter, opt for a refreshing Sattu Chaas.Watch The Full Video On YouTube Here:Featured Video Of The DayEgg Tawa Masala Recipe | How To Make Egg Tawa Masala

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