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Winter is upon us and we are enjoying every bit of it. You will find the vegetable market is loaded with fresh and crunchy vegetables, adding a splash of colour to the season. And we just love making the most of the seasonal produce. Winter brings along fresh carrots, turnips, cauliflowers, mustard greens and more – each of which strikes a perfect balance of health and taste on our plates. Another such popular winter produce is green peas. Although you will find frozen peas across the year, nothing can beat the sweet taste of the fresh ones available during this time. Hence, we leave no chance to sneak in matar in our everyday diet.If you delve deep into winter diet patterns in India, you find it is dominated by recipes like matar paratha, matar halwa, peas pulao, gajar-matar sabzi, matar cheela and the list goes on. In fact, we go as creative as we can with a handful of fresh peas. We bring you another such delicious recipe that can be a perfect breakfast meal during the winters. Guess what it is? It’s the classic South Indian idli, with a twist of matar to it. Here’s matar rava idli recipe for you that you can prepare in around 10 to 12 minutes. Sounds perfect, isn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s take you through the recipe of matar rava idli.(Also Read: These 5 Idli Recipes Will Amp Up The Taste Of Your Regular Idlis)Easy Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Winter-Special Matar Rava Idli:Idli is a popular breakfast choice across India. It is easy, wholesome and fulfilling to the core. And the best part is, you can get enough room to experiment with this classic recipe to break the monotony. Take this matar rava idli for instance. Food vlogger Parul took to her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’.First, we need to prepare a batter by adding matar, ginger, green chillies, coriander and water in a grinding jar. Prepare a fine paste. Now add sooji, dahi, oil and salt to this matar paste and whisk well. Now, let it rest for some time.Meanwhile, prepare a tadka of mustard seeds, curry leaves and add to the batter. To it, add fruit salt, some water and mix well. All you need to do now is, add the batter to the idli plates and steam well.That’s it! You have matar rava idli ready in just no time. Alongside, Parul also shared a recipe of chana dal chutney to put together a delicious breakfast in no time.Watch the step-by-step recipe of matar rava idli and chana dal chutney below:Try this dish today and give an indulgent start to your Monday. Enjoy your meal!Featured Video Of The Day

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