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The video has amassed more than 8 million views on TwitterOn Wednesday, Japan stunned 4-time world champions Germany in a Group E match. The team sealed a historic first-ever win against Germany in the 2022 Football World Cup. The win prompted widespread celebrations. Now, in a new video, fans were seen getting together on a street to celebrate the big win. Posted on Twitter by Football tweet, the video opens with a huge crowd gathering at the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. In the 57-second video, fans can be seen assembling along the sidewalk of the street to celebrate Japan’s 2-1 victory against Germany. Further in the video, as soon as the traffic light turns red, fans gather on the street to celebrate the victory. And the moment, the light turns green people disperse to the sidewalk again. The caption of the video reads, “Scenes in Japan after their historic World Cup win against Germany.” Watch the video here: Scenes in Japan after their historic World Cup win against Germany. #JPN |— Football Tweet ⚽ (@Football__Tweet) November 23, 2022The video has amassed more than 8 million views on Twitter. Social media users were left impressed with the gesture and were in awe of the Japanese values and culture. A user wrote, “Japan fans are so courteous that their public street celebrations after beating Germany are only conducted when the traffic lights are red.”Another user wrote, “Many years ago I was living/working in Tokyo. I saw about 100 bikes parked in a rack. I asked my interpreter why the bikes had no locks. She didn’t understand the concept. I explained theft, she said, “no one would do that”.”The third user wrote, “Looks like a vibe!!! I have to get to that country one day.”Meanwhile, the Japanese team won the hearts of social media users again with their incredible gesture. Instead of revelling in the victory, they cleaned their locker room and left it spotless after beating Germany. The picture shows towels, water bottles, and left food containers arranged neatly on the counter in the centre of the room. Not only that, the Japanese team even left a note that said “thank you” in Japanese and Arabic – with some folded paper cranes for good measure.Featured Video Of The DaySpecial Analysis: Ashok Gehlot’s No-Holds-Barred Remarks Against Sachin Pilot

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