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Watch: Blogger Tries Butter Chicken For The First Time - 6 Million Views For Video 1
Indian cuisine isn’t just a bunch of tasty dishes but a whole world of flavours. With so many languages, cultures, and traditions, India is a diverse land and this reflects in its food too. You get the dosa and vada in the South, dal bati churma in the West, rogan josh in the North, and the best fish curries in the East. The country is a never-ending treasure for food lovers. As a desi, it is hard not to lick your fingers after a scrumptious meal. The deliciousness of Indian food is now known to the world and the latest evidence of it is in this video.In the clip, uploaded on Instagram, a blogger and Mukbang artist from Colombia tastes Indian food including butter chicken, gulab jamun, and samosa for the first time and her reaction is what you need to see. Maria Legarda begins her mukbang video with some mango lassi and instantly falls in love with it. She then moves towards the samosa and takes a huge bite with some green chutney. Describing it as a “little spicy”, she says that the samosa “is good”.Next comes the butter chicken which Maria said she had never tasted in her life and was excited to eat it. She grabs a piece of naan and proceeds to dip it in a spicy-looking butter chicken. “What in the Indian heaven did I just eat,” she is heard saying after visibly being sent into a food coma.(Also Read: Watch: American Woman Tries Popular Indian Snacks For The First Time)(Also Read: All About The YouTube Sensation Who Makes Millions Just By Chewing Food)Maria also tries the butter chicken with some rice just to get pleased again. After struggling to pronounce chicken biryani, Maria treats herself to the popular rice dish and sums up her reaction by clapping.She also doesn’t hesitate to experiment a bit with the food and mixes the butter chicken with biryani and naan. “I love mixing up my food,” Maria says. Making sure the meal is complete, Maria proceeds to relish some gulab jamuns before excitedly calling her mother to try the desi food.The clip amassed more than six million views on the platform. Many suggestions poured in for Maria in the comment section.“You should try south Indian food next time! Idli sambar, dosa, poha,” a user wrote. Another said, “Now Every Indian is hungry after watching this reel “.Featured Video Of The DayHot Toddy Recipe | How To Make Hot Toddy

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