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Viral Video Shows Mother Giraffe Saving Its Baby From Lioness 1
The video did not go down well with the internet users.A fierce fight between a lioness and a mother giraffe is going viral on the internet. Posted on Instagram by Animal Worlds 11, the video shows a lioness running towards a baby giraffe, moments later the big cat pounced on the baby giraffe and tried to kill it. The baby giraffe was unable to fight back, it looked like the young giraffe gave up trying to flee after failing in its initial attempt. But the situation soon changed after a mother giraffe came to the rescue.The lioness soon ran to save its life. The mother’s heroic act was captured on camera and is now going viral on the internet. The video was captioned on Instagram, “The giraffe runs to her cub and saves it from the lion…”.Watch the video here:Despite the mother’s bravery act, the video did not go down well with the internet users. Many users asked the social media page to stop sharing such sensitive videos. Many users assumed that the baby giraffe could have already died. Social media users could not bear to watch a young giraffe being mauled by a lioness with her jaws. A user wrote, “I think died anyways. Looks like it collapsed its head when the mom turned around.”Another user wrote, “I know everyone on here is all “that’s nature!!!” But, It’s a little disheartening that some animals have more tools to fight back than others. Right? We’re all just meant to be eaten or to eat? Survival of the fittest. A baby giraffe/elephant/hyena/leopard/turtle, dog, cat, lamb. whatever steps in front of a predator. It’s literally the movie with Sigourney Weaver. Let’s be really clear on this, everyone who says “this is nature.”The third user commented, “It’s a lil sad to watch this.”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayVirat Kohli Ends Century Drought, Slams Elusive 28th Test Ton In 4th Test vs Australia

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