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The video has amassed a whopping 12.4million views.An adorable video showing a mother elephant seeking zookeepers’ help to wake her sleeping calf has gone viral on the internet. Shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter, the clip has amassed a whopping 12.4 million views. The video opens with the mother elephant walking toward her calf, who is seen sleeping in the grass of a manicured enclosure. She is seen struggling to get her kid to wake up. However, after finally giving up, the mother elephant is seen turning around and enlisting the help of her keepers. Watch the video below: Mother elephant can’t wake baby sound asleep and asks the keepers for help..— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) July 7, 2022The clip shows two zookeepers entering the enclosure and attempting to wake up the baby elephant. One of the zookeepers is seen shaking the calf by the rear end for several seconds, following which the baby elephant is seen opening its eyes and running up to its mother. The caption of the post read, “Mother elephant can’t wake baby sound asleep and asks the keeper’s for help..”Viral Video | Plane Dodges Traffic, Makes Emergency Landing On Busy US HighwaySince being shared, the video has left internet users in awe. It has racked up more than 431,000 likes and thousands of comments. One user jokingly wrote, “wow he’s just like me.” Another said, “As the parent of a teenager, I can relate.” A third commented, “This is every parent:  For the love of god – wake the baby!  If he keeps napping he’ll never go to bed tonight!!!” while a fourth added, “Why am I jealous of the sleep this elephant is getting.” Viral Video | Sheep Gets A Ride Home In Police Cruiser, Internet AmusedMeanwhile, in another adorable video, a US-based model recently had a playful encounter with a baby elephant when she visited a sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The hilarious footage, shared by Storyful, showed the boisterous baby getting close to Megan Milan bumping her to the ground before rolling on top of her. The younger was stronger than he seemed as he even managed to tear the model’s skirt by stepping on the hem. Click for more trending news

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