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The video has accumulated more than 12,000 likes and over 56,000 views.Watching rain rolling in is pretty wild to watch as it looks like a huge wall quickly making its way directly towards you. This being said, a fisherman in Estonia was sitting on a boat, casually going about their day, when all of a sudden a storm quickly snuck up. Luckily enough, the fisherman was able to record the spectacular event on camera. Shared by Viral Hog, the video showed each water droplet hitting the water at a rapid pace, right before it made its way to the fisherman. The short clip is oddly satisfying and serene to watch. On social media, the video has accumulated more than 12,000 likes and over 56,000 views. “That looked so good I thought also it was a school of fish,” wrote one user. “Legit thought it was some typa Fishy Apocalypse moment,” said another. A third commented, “That’s so satisfying to watch.” “That is one of the coolest things to see,” added fourth. Viral Video | Horse Stomps Over Baraatis Dancing At Wedding Procession In UPMeanwhile, the internet is full of stunning clips which leave netizens in complete awe. Earlier this week, Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along shared a beautiful video showing rows of clouds floating down from a valley. The video opened to show a locality, and moments later, clouds were seen covering the entire area and drifting down the valley. The video also depicted the landscape both in the morning and at night. The short clip left the internet stunned. While some praised the beauty of nature, others were seen guessing the name of the location. The video garnered more than 2.2 lakh viewsClick for more trending news

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