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Viral: Man Dips Leafy Veggies In 'Chemical Solution' - Watch What Happens Next 1
Vegetable vendors sometimes resort to suspicious methods to sell their wares. This is not news to us. Many of us are aware that they use harmful chemicals to make items look more appealing. Sometimes, we even tend to avoid vegetables that look too perfect to be natural. This is because our experiences tell us that unnatural means were probably behind such a result. Recently, a clip supposedly showing such food adulteration has gone viral. The food in question? A type of green leafy vegetable. This is no surprise since green leafy vegetables are often contaminated to make them look “fresher.” They are commonly used as ingredients and garnish only when they look lush green.Also Read: “Wouldn’t Do It Again”: 21-Year-Old Influencer Tries Dog Food To Up Protein IntakeThe video was shared by Twitter user Amit Thadhani (@amitsurg). He mentioned that the original source was a LinkedIn post by Devarajan Rajagopalan. He captioned it, “A two-minute real-life horror story.” In the video, we see a man dipping a bunch of stale-looking leaves in a liquid solution. He then removes them from the supposed chemical solution and keeps them aside to dry. After a few seconds, the camera zooms in to show the leaves ‘opening’ up and thus looking as if freshly plucked. Watch the full video here:A two minute real life horror story. 😱— Amit Thadhani (@amitsurg) March 17, 2023Also Read: Old Delhi Street Vendor Makes Chowmein Omelette. “Horror,” Says InternetThe video has received more than 470K views on Twitter and more than 2K reactions on LinkedIn. Users began to comment on their take on the issue of food adulteration. Some claimed that the solution was harmless, but others felt convinced that the liquid was hazardous to health. Check out how people reacted below:Shockingly disturbing. Moreover it is scary. Don’t know what we all are eating. Better but veggies from known sources.— Rohit M Gaikwad (@RohitMGaikwad) March 18, 2023What Chemical is that?No wonder our immunity is diminishing gradually…— Dr KK (@drkk4u) March 17, 2023Nothing wrong in this ! Basically it’s a silicon based compounded used as additives for increasing efficacy of pesticide. It’s harmless &can be used for spraying with zero day PHI. It’s approved to use in organic as well. But the usage is nt for making produce look fresh though— Maneesh Dumbre (@mrdumbre) March 17, 2023We living in dangerous times 😅🙏— Laksshya Advani (@LaksshyaAdvani) March 17, 2023Dangerous. No doubt why cancer & other diseases are on the rise amongst the younger generation.— NEERAJ LAL (@andaman_boy69) March 18, 2023Sometimes it’s blessing to stay in a tire 3 city or near to Village area. As most of such scams happened in metro or big cities.— Bhobotosh (@Bhobotosh11) March 18, 2023Is there any way by which we can check whether the vegetables are chemically treated before buying them? like litmus paper test!— Bhanu Pratap (@imrtbpsp) March 19, 2023What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments!Also Read: ‘Incredible Floating Dessert’ Receives 20 Million Views – ‘Bubble Bath,’ Say NetizensAbout Toshita SahniToshita is fuelled by wordplay, wanderlust, wonderment and Alliteration. When she is not blissfully contemplating her next meal, she enjoys reading novels and roaming around the city.

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