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The video has been viewed 1.3 million and received 14,000 likes.Most of us enjoy traveling by air. The blue sky, clouds looking like cotton candy, the thrill of taking off into the air and looking at the landscapes is an unparalleled joy. However, some air travelers have witnessed incidents where their luggage went missing or did not reach the correct destination. Many people also wonder how luggage is actually loaded by the staff members. Well, a video has captured how suitcases and bags are loaded into an airplane.The time-lapse video shared by Twitter user Fascinating, shows a baggage handler in the airplane with a portable conveyor belt to help stack the suitcases easily. Initially, he is seen resting for a few seconds and as soon as the bags start arriving, the staff member starts assembling the luggage, with the smaller bags and backpacks used to plug the gaps. In a matter of seconds, one side of the plane is full of bags. The baggage handler repeats the same exercise on the other side of the plane. Before doing so, he also does some push-ups, as seen in the video. Since being shared, the video has been viewed 1.3 million and received 14,000 likes. One user commented, “Wow, I never considered who the person was placing the luggage in airplanes. Good thing I rarely check in a bad. And when I do, I always travel light.””Can confirm that this is how we load planes in Sweden aswell! The “tread mill” part can lower/increase the speed if necessary,” said another one.Also Read: Watch: Airline Captain Hangs From Window To Retrieve Passenger’s Lost Phone”I believe it is not as simple as it looks. This hero has to balance out the various weights (more or less) for stability. Or, something to that effect,” commented a third. A user asked, “If it’s this packed, how do they retrieve a particular price of luggage if the passenger failed to board the flight?” Another user, who had knowledge of the matter, said, “I’ve done this job and yes the most stressful thing is finding bags to offload. In the UK at least a bag can’t be on the plane when a passenger isn’t with it. And believe me most airlines don’t treat bags this nicely!!”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayBig Guns Campaign In High-Stakes Gujarat Battle

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