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The clip also features the miraculous escape of the manNew Delhi: A terrifying video has surfaced online in which a skier is seen being buried by an avalanche in Russia. The clip, thankfully, also features the miraculous escape of the man largely due to the timely intervention of a fellow skier.The video begins with the two skiers on a mountain slope covered in several feet of snow. Things are fine until the two decide to stop for a bit. The video, recorded by the survivor, shows the two men stopping for a break.The skier then turns to look towards the top of the mountain only to see an avalanche of snow coming towards them.The avalanche buries the man in no time. The camera attached to his person continues to record visuals as it is covered by a sheet of snow for several moments. Then the man can be heard crying out for help. The fellow skier manages to act quickly and struggles to pull out the man after several minutes.In India, last month, a trekker named Ashutosh went missing after an avalanche near Friendship Peak in Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district. Before that 27 mountaineering trainees were killed by an avalanche site near Draupadi Ka Danda-II peak in Uttarkashi.An avalanche is a large mass of snow, ice, and rocks that rapidly slides down a mountain slope often enveloping everything in the vicinity. Avalanches usually occur naturally but can also be triggered due to a range of manmade factors like the vibration caused by skiers or snowmobiles.Avalanches and how they behave depend on the weather, the slope angle, the terrain and the density of the snow itself. It is important for those travelling in avalanche-prone areas to be aware of the risk and to take appropriate precautions, such as carrying avalanche rescue equipment and proper communication tools.

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