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Police have formed several teams to search for the child.New Delhi: A seven-month-old child, sleeping on a platform at the Mathura railway station, was kidnapped by a man, police said. The crime was caught on a CCTV camera.Footage of the incident shows the man appearing to pass by the child, who is sleeping with his mother. Moments later, he comes back and scoops the child up and makes a dash. The CCTV captured him running towards a train stationed on the platform.ये व्यक्ति रे०स्टेशन मथुरा जं० से अपनी माँ के साथ सो रहे महज 7 माह के बच्चे को उठाकर ले गया।इस व्यक्ति को पकड़वाने में मदद कीजिये।आप सिर्फ Retweet कर इसके फ़ोटो/वीडियो को Groups में share कर दीजिये, विशेष कर कासगंज, बदायूँ और बरेली साइड में।मुझे भरोसा है ये अवश्य पकड़ा जाएगा।— SACHIN KAUSHIK (@upcopsachin) August 27, 2022Police have formed several teams to search for the child.”A case has been registered at the GRP police station Mathura Jn under relevant sections, meaningful efforts are being made by forming a team for the recovery of the child,” Mathura police said in a tweet.Police have also released a photo of the accused and asked public to share any information on him. Along with Mathura, Railway police teams are also searching for the child in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh and Hathras.

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