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US Restaurant Offers Free Food To Customers Above 158kg, Internet Is Not Impressed 1
Let’s agree, free food has always attracted a lot of attention. But, things didn’t fall into place for an American restaurant in Las Vegas, US. The restaurant, Heart Attack Grill, gave free food to overweight diners, following which it received a significant backlash on social media. Individuals with a weight of 158 kg or above could walk into the restaurant and enjoy free food. It all happened when videos of customers standing outside Heart Attack Grill – to determine whether they qualified for the offer or not – went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. (Also Read: Singer Makes Dosas For Students In Class – Watch Professor’s Reaction)Over the years, the Heart Attack Grill has become quite popular due to their hospital-theme service. The restaurant, which mostly sells fast foods that are exceptionally high in calories and fat, refers to its customers as “patients.” From waiters dressed up as doctors to waitresses attending to customers as nurses, the restaurant is quite popular for its bizarre set-up. Not just that, before placing an order, each customer aka patient changes into their hospital gown and wristband. (Also Read: BTS Fan Creates SUGA’s Portrait On A Cookie, Impresses Internet)Coming to the menu at Heart Attack Grill, it has items with names such as quadruple bypass burgers. Oh, and, it is not just a simple burger with a double patty and a slice of cheese. You get four beef patties, multiple slices of cheese, and bacon stuffed between a bun, as well as “flatliner fries” which are cooked in pure lard.(Also Read: Global Oreo Vault: If An Asteroid Hits Earth, Oreos May Become The Next Currency)Their recent offer of free food for customers of weight 158 kg or above has received flak from the online community. People have trolled the restaurant for encouraging unhealthy behaviour and obesity. “There is a restaurant called ‘Heart Attack Grill’ in Las Vegas offering free all-you-can-eat meals to customers who weigh more than 160 kg,” a tweet read. (This is the English translation, the original tweet is below)Ada restoran bernama ‘Heart Attack Grill’ di Las Vegas menawarkan makan gratis sepuasnya kpd pembeli yg memiliki berat badan lebih dr 160kg.— Apa Anda tau ? (@JadiSemakinTau) March 6, 2023One of the users wrote, “Heart attack grill is scarier to me than going to jail.”heart attack grill is scarier to me than going to jail— Rick Dick (@joecoolbangas) March 10, 2023“The existence of the heart attack grill is sickening and disturbing to me,” another said. The existence of the heartattack grill is sickening and disturbing to me— Ven‘sVom????️‍⚧️ (@InsideItsEmpty) March 4, 2023A person accused Heart Attack Grill of “killing at least four patrons.” One of the greatest crimes of USian civilization – the “Heart Attack Grill” of Las Vegas is responsible for killing at least four patrons with obesity alone. They sell among other items the 20,000 calorie “Octuple Bypass Burger”.— Nemets (@Peter_Nimitz) December 15, 2022“This is why sooo many Americans suffer from obesity & death via heart disease is sky high,” a user stated. ONLY in America will you have a restaurant called “Heart Attack Grill”If you’re over 350lbs, you eat for free. Dawg they got a burger with 40 slices of bacon… wtf ????This is why sooo many Americans suffer from obesity & death via heart disease is sky high— Darron The Mastodon ???????????? (@Darron_Mastodon) December 22, 2021What do you think about this?Featured Video Of The DayBread Pizza Recipe | How To Make Bread Pizza

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