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We all know how diversified Indian cuisine is. It offers you an extensive range of delicious dishes, unique to each region of the country. But the country’s diversity doesn’t restrict to a bowl of gravy or rice-based recipes; you can find it in a basket of breads too. Roasted, fried, leavened, unleavened and more – there are different types of breads available in India. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that breads are a staple of Indian diet. As per a report on the official website of Michelin food guide, India has over 30 types of Indian breads and they differ from region to region. If you explore, you will find each region adding their own twist to the flour while making these breads. But what remains common for all is the fact that you can pair a bread or two with any sabzi to put together a wholesome meal, any time of the day.History Of Breads In India:As per historians, breads in India finds their roots in the Harappan civilization. During that time, wheat that was cultivated was turned into thick rotis that could survive for longer period of time. It is said that other breads like naan, paratha etc. took at least another 100 years post that to come into existence.Here, we bring you some of the currently most popular breads from different Indian regions, which define the palate and food habit of the locals. Let’s take you through them.Also Read: Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Aripathiri – A South Indian Bread From The Malabar RegionPhoto Credit: iStockIndian Breads From Different States | What Are Different Indian Breads?What is the most popular bread in India? The most common reply will be roti. Also called chapatti or phulka, it is light, healthy and consumed across the country. Quintessentially, roti is made with wheat flour (gehun ka atta); but you can replace wheat flour with oats flour, ragi flour, bajra flour etc. to make it healthier. Click here to know the tips and tricks to make roti like a pro.While the popularity of a plain roti finds no competition around, there are several other Indian breads that instantly tug at heartstrings. Take a look:Also Read: 5 Ways To Make Roti Even More NutritiousHere’re 10 Indian Breads With State Of Origin:1. Paratha From Punjab:The most popular dish in Punjab (in fact, across Northern India), parathas are soft, flaky and denser than chapatis. Usually, we mix atta and maida to prepare a plain paratha. You can also add stuffing of different vegetables, spices and chicken as well. All you need to do is apply generous amount of ghee or butter on the paratha and enjoy with sabzi, ahcar and dahi. Click here for different paratha recipes.2. Naan From Punjab:Another popular flatbread from Punjab, naan is made out of maida, and has a chewy, elastic-like texture. Traditionally, naan is baked in tandoor; but you can also recreate it on a pan at home. Pair it with butter chicken, paneer makhani et al and the put together an indulgent meal. Click here for naan recipe.3. Parotta From Kerala:The South Indian cousin of paratha, parotta is a layered, flaky flatbread that is soft and melts in mouth in no time (much like laccha paratha of the North). Parotta is made out of maida and makes for a perfect meal when paired with different South Indian curries. Besides Kerala, parotta is also popular in Tamil Nadu and Malabar region. Click here for the recipe.4. Appam From Kerala:Appam is a thin pancake that finds its roots in the kitchens of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Cooked in an appachatti (appam pan), the dish includes fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Appam is usually paired with Kerala stew and enjoyed as a wholesome breakfast. Click here for the recipe.5. Dosa From Karnataka:Dosa is popular all across India. But if you explore its history, you will find dosa having its roots in Karnataka. Dosa originated in the town Udupi (in Karnataka) and has been ruling our diet ever since. Here’s the classic dosa recipe for you.6. Luchi From West Bengal:A popular bread from West Bengal, luchi is soft, fried and melts in mouth in just no time. Luchi is made out of maida and has a North Indian version that is called puri. However, puri is prepared by mixing equal portions of atta and maida. You also get a crispier version of luchi called kachori (or as Bengalis call it – kochuri). Click here for the classic luchi recipe.7. Poi From Goa:If you have been to Goa, then you would have surely tried poi there. Like a burger bun, poi is a chewy, round shared bread, with brownish outer layer. Poi finds its roots in Portuguese kitchens in Goa, and is easily available in local Goan bakeries. Click here for the recipe.8. Bhakri From Maharashtra:Bhakri is a popular unleavened flatbread from Maharashtra. You will also find it throughout Gujarat and Rajasthan. Bhakri is thicker and harder in comparison to regular chapatti and includes jowar, ragi, sorghum, wheat, or rice flour. Click here for bhakri recipe.9. Thepla From Gujarat:Thepla and Gujarati cuisine are synonymous. It’s a thinner version of paratha and is usually made of wheat flour, gram flour, millet flour, spices et al. It also includes methi leaves and some vegetables at times. You can pair thepla with achar and indulge. Click here for recipe.10. Litti From Bihar:It is one such Indian bread that is not rolled flat. Instead, the dough is stuffed with sattu filling and baked on tandoor until it turns crusty from outside. Litti is then dipped in ghee and served with aloo-baingan chokha or village-style mutton. You will also get a Rajasthani version of litti, which is called bati. Click here for litti recipe.Which of the above breads do you like the most? 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