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UK Woman Finds 100-Year-Old Dairy Milk Wrapper While Renovating House 1
It was produced between 1930-1934A woman in UK’s Devon received a sweet surprise when she found a 100-year-old Dairy Milk wrapper while renovating her house. According to a Metro report, 51-year-old Emma Young found the empty bar sleeve when she was pulling back the floorboards in her bathroom.When she brushed the dust away, she unearthed a rectangular cardboard sleeve with Cadbury’s distinctive purple packaging. However, there was no chocolate inside it. Curious to find out more about it, she then reached out to the confectionery company which told her it was produced between 1930-1934. She told Metro, ”What stunned me a lot was its condition. It’s in such good nick and one side is pristine – you wouldn’t believe that it was nearly 100 years old. I think because it’s so old, I was expecting it to be almost illegible but apart from one side that had been chewed by mice, the other side looks like something you’d put on a shelf.It says ‘Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate Neapolitan’ and ‘made in the garden village of Bournville England’, it’s lovely. There’s no chocolate inside, someone’s had the treasure. It’s an obvious sleeve, I think the bar inside would have slid out.”Mrs. Young added she’s always been a chocolate lover, with Cadbury’s being a personal favourite. The 16-cm vintage wrapper currently adorns her mantelpiece. ”It’s more than a wrapper, it’s a bit of history. It’s been sitting on our mantlepiece because it’s a little bit of a talking point”, she said. Saying that it has sentimental value, she is now going to get the wrapper framed and displayed.Reacting to the news, a Cadbury spokesperson said, ”We were delighted to see the joy that this piece of Cadbury history has brought! As the nation’s favourite chocolate brand, Cadbury has a rich heritage and has been part of British culture and heritage for almost 200 hundred years.‘These 1930s Dairy Milk Neopolitans are a reminder that our chocolate plays a cherished role in people’s lives and we’re thrilled to hear that this particular discovery will be treasured forever.”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day”Very Happy”: Chief Minister Manik Saha As BJP Set To Win Tripura

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