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Twitter User Asks About "One Food That Everyone Likes But You Dont?" See Reactions 1
From pizzas to burgers, there are certain foods and dishes that have been enjoying massive popularity for ages and manage to please almost everyone. These irresistible delicacies have an appeal to them due to which we just can’t resist relishing them. Such foods, especially street foods like gol gappas and momos, can easily outshine other options and can make people form a beeline anywhere. But some people have their taste buds built differently as even the tastiest dishes fail to impress them. A Twitter user recently posed a question along these lines eliciting a flurry of amusing answers.Also Read: Amul Shares Quirky Topical On RRR’s Song ‘Naatu Naatu’ Winning Oscar“What’s the one food that everyone likes but you don’t?” the question read.What’s the one food that everyone likes but you don’t?— Anjali B. (@MsAnjaliB) March 13, 2023Soon, users started sharing their food preferences.“The most overhyped rajma chawal,” a user answered.The most overhyped Rajma chawal .— Sumit (@sumitsaurabh) March 14, 2023Another person agreed and wrote, “Rajma Chawal/ Kadi chawal”.Rajma Chawal/ Kadi chawal ????— Megha Sharma (@Megha75) March 13, 2023One more from the same club.Rajma— tikuli (@tikulli) March 13, 2023This person doesn’t like street food that has taken over the streets in many cities.Momos— Seemi❣️ (@seemii_sen) March 14, 2023“I don’t like sambhar and a white-coloured curry called kurma in Tamil Nadu,” a comment read.I don’t like sambhar and a white coloured curry called kurma in tamilnad— Tara Rao (@TaraRao0112) March 13, 2023One user seemed very particular about her food choices.Cheese (I only like fresh cow or buffalo cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, Paneer etc.),Chocolate, (I can’t enjoy chocolate below 75% strength), I like my chocolate to be bitter and pure,Coffee( I love it’s fragrance but my body can’t digest it)3c’s world loves, I just can’t.— Ms. Kaur (@quietframe) March 13, 2023Another person shared, “I am not sure if it comes under food but I don’t like curd.. I can eat it in chaats but plain curd is big NO”.I am not sure if it comes under food but I dont like curd..I can eat it in chaats but plain curd is big NO— Happily Alive (@happily_alive11) March 13, 2023Also Read: Food Bill Of Delhi-Based Eatery From 1985 Surprises Internet; Here’s Why“South Indian food and poha” was out of the menu for this user.South Indian food and poha— Golden Sunrise (@Divinelove11550) March 13, 2023Now, this can really come as a shock for many chole bhature lovers out there.Chole bathure ..— Manish (@Haaanikarak) March 13, 2023A person said, “I have a special dislike for kaju ki barfi”.I have a special dislike for Kaju ki Barfi ????— Anushree Chauhan (@thisis_anushree) March 13, 2023“I am not a fan of idli and dhokla,” another user wrote.I am not a fan of idli & dhokhla— AK 7-4 (@Anshuma12603770) March 13, 2023“Peanut butter. But I like cousin Almond Butter, so?” a comment read.Peanut butter. But I like cousin Almond Butter, so?— Eileen Ruvane (@EileenRuvane) March 13, 2023This answer might resonate with quite a few people.Lauki , tinda , ghiya, torai, this family of veggies are no no no— Logically Correct ! (@RajivKalra18) March 13, 2023Some users chose to elaborate a bit.Oh boy… I don’t think you’ll like my response, but jalebi is much too sticky for me – they ruin my saris.— Resham Karfa (@reshamkarfa) March 13, 2023So, what is your response?

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