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When Apple officially released the Vision Pro on Feb. 2, it launched with over 600 apps optimized for visionOS. However, while apps like Microsoft Word and Disney+ were available to bridge the gap between a typical Apple device and Vision Pro, plenty of other “standard” apps were not. Some companies, like Netflix and Spotify, announced their apps are very much not coming to Vision Pro, which doesn’t exactly bode well for a device that starts at $3,499.

However, big name apps are still in the works and on the way. Case in point: TikTok. The internet’s ultimate black hole of procrastination now has an app designed just for the Vision Pro.

tiktok on vision pro

Credit: TikTok

That said, don’t expect anything groundbreaking. It’s still TikTok, after all. When you boot up the app on your Vision Pro, you’ll see the same familiar vertical video feed that you would on your iPhone or iPad, only this time in a floating window. However, the “unlimited” space of mixed reality has allowed TikTok to improve its UI. Now, comments open in their own pane, rather than covering up the video itself. The same goes for creator profiles: If you’re interested in learning more about a creator, you can open their profile in a side window without navigating away from the video you’re watching.

watching tiktok and creator profile side by side

Credit: TikTok

Perhaps the other major Vision Pro benefit is being able to use TikTok with different background environments. Sure, you can watch TikTok in a floating window in your living room, but why not binge your short-form videos in Yosemite National Park, or on the moon? Anything to justify your purchase of a $3,499 TikTok-watching machine.

While TikTok certainly doesn’t yet offer video content that actually takes advantage of mixed reality, not to mention virtual reality, it’s cool to see the company taking Vision Pro seriously. Hopefully, more video apps will follow suit. (I’m looking at you, Netflix and YouTube.)

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