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Shark is well known for its stick vacuums, but it also makes robot vacuums that rival those from Roomba. One in particular, the Shark IQ 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop, is currently at an all-time-low price of $188 (originally $449.99) after a 58% discount.

At this price point, the Shark IQ doesn’t really have other competitors. Most robot vacuums from reputable brands with mopping, smart LIDAR mapping, voice control, and other features tend to run upwards of $350. The closest Roomba to this price point is the Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum, which you can get for $169.99 at the time of this writing. However, this Roomba has no mopping, smart mapping, and other features that you can get with the Shark IQ.

On bare floors, the Shark IQ can mop spills with about 100 swipes per minute. My experience with the Roombas that “mop” has been underwhelming, passing a moist rag once across the floor, thus unable to handle stains. Other features of the Shark IQ include no-go zones, so you can choose where you don’t want the Shark to clean; pin-and-go navigation for cleaning a specific spot; a sonic mopping system; three-hour battery life; and LIDAR sensors so it can avoid obstacles.

The Shark IQ isn’t perfect, though. It’s prone to getting stuck under low-lying furniture. It also doesn’t have a self-emptying home base, so you will have to empty the debris manually. It’s also not the best at picking up pet hair from carpeting. But for $188, you won’t find another robot vacuum that excels at those things anyway, much less one that has the features this Shark IQ has.

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