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You can get Amazon’s Choice radio, the Eton Elite Executive, on sale for $149.99 right now (reg. $249.99). Radio is a dying art form, but some people still love them—and they’re great to have in an emergency, like a blackout or severe thunderstorm, so you can still hear weather and news updates even if your local network is down. It can receive any type of radio wavelengths like AM and FM with RDS, LW, and shortwave, even VHF aircraft band and Single Sideband (SSB). It has both automatic and manual digital tuning options, as well as options for AC adapter use or battery power. The Eton Elite Executive radio is a little pricey, but if you want to spend the extra change to get a high-quality radio that’ll actually last more than a few years, this can be a great option.

You can get the Eton Elite Executive radio on sale for $149.99 right now (reg. $249.99), though prices can change at any time.

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