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Between more folks living off the grid or nomadic lifestyles and an increasing number of extended power outages due to extreme weather events and an unstable power grid, the market for battery backups has continued to expand in recent years.

Whether you are looking for a small unit that will keep your phone and laptop charged through an emergency, or are considering whole-home backup solutions, you have more options than ever. Many of these products are included in an ongoing sale on Yeti products that extends through the end of the month. Here are my top picks from the sale, with items discounted up to 20%.

Yeti200X Portable Power Station

One of the most petite Yetis, a station of this size is a great first venture into battery backups. With limited capacity, it won’t power a 1,000-watt heater or your microwave, but it can comfortably keep your phone charged through a multi-day outage, or run your laptop for at least a few hours. It’s also small enough to throw in the car when you go camping. 

Yeti1500X + Boulder200 Briefcase Solar Generator

If you have multiple devices you need to run during an outage or on the go, a Yeti 1500x is a good choice. It effectively acts like a wall plug, and is able to power high-need devices like a sleep apnea machine or a bottle sterilizer, or even a small heater or air conditioner. You can pair it some solar panels to recharge during the day.

YetiPRO 4000 Portable Power Station

If you’re considering a whole-home emergency backup, this portable power station offers dramatically more power, and its LiFePO4 battery promises 10 years of use, even when used daily. You can use it to run a fridge or freezer, or power your entire vanlife. You can expand your power bank using Tank Pro 4000 units, which are also on sale. 

Nomad 400 Portable Solar Panel

If you’ve already got a power bank, a big sale is the perfect time to grab more solar panels. They are the powerhouse of your backup solution, and they’re pricey, so any significant discount is going to be worth jumping on. Almost all the solar panels at Yeti are on sale right now, but this is the one I’d grab, because with one setup, you’ve got the power of four solar panels, usually just 100 watts each. This allows you to easily charge up super fast. Fold it up and toss the lightweight panel in the car for easy power on the go, or just keep it at home for that next snowstorm. 

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