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Credit: Product image courtesy of Sleep Number, Personal Comfort, and Puffy.

If you’re on the prowl for a bed upgrade, don’t forget about the world of smart beds. These mattresses are generally controlled via an app or remote and have features to help you sleep, like adjustable firmness levels, temperature control, and mattress position, as well as snore recognition and sleep tracking.

For whatever reason, holidays like Presidents’ Day are practically synonymous with discounted mattresses, and this year is no different. You can already find many great deals on smart beds from brands like Sleep Number, Nectar, Puffy, and others.

Sleep Number beds for up to 50% off

Sleep Number is having an up-to-50%-off sale on many of its products. Its best deal is the Sleep Number 360 iLE Limited Edition smart bed, currently 50% off for all sizes, which comes to $2,449.50 for a twin XL, all the way up to $3,099.50 for a California king. This bed’s coolest feature is the ability to automatically adjust its firmness levels in response to each person’s movements throughout the night (you can also manually change it).

The Sleep Number i8 smart bed is also discounted 30% across the board. A twin XL is $2,379.30, with the prices going up from there to $3,289.30 for a California king. This bed has similar features to the iLE, but it uses ceramic in the foam, while the iLE uses waves of gel temperature-balancing foam. The i8 has a softer surface and has slightly more enhanced cooling than the iLE. Keep in mind that neither has temperature control, just temperature-balancing material. If you prefer a slightly cooler and softer bed, go for the Sleep Number i8.

Other smart bed deals for Presidents’ Day

The SE Smart Bed from Personal Comfort is 60% off, ranging from $2,299.99 for a twin to $3,499.99 for a California king. On its website, Personal Comfort directly compares this one to Sleep Number’s iLE smart bed; they essentially do the same things, but Personal Comfort’s is slightly cheaper. I can’t speak to how the lower price affects the quality or comfort, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Another smart bed to consider is Puffy’s CLOUD Smart Bed Set, currently going up to 43% off depending on the size. The beds range from $1,648 for a twin XL to $3,047 for a king. It is a medium-firm mattress with memory foam and an adjustable base that allows you to elevate your head and legs at different angles. It also has under-bed lighting, USB charging, and a massage function.

While not a smart bed, the Emma Hybrid Comfort is a good option for those who don’t mind giving up adjustable firmness for a good deal on a hybrid. The mattress is on sale for $659 (originally $1,319) for a queen after a 50% discount. It’s made from a combination of foams and coils to give a medium firmness.

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