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I’ve been using smart devices for years, and of all the smart plugs I’ve tried, Meross remains my favorite. Right now, Meross is discounting plugs, along with almost everything else, up to 30% off. Here are some items I’d go grab now.

Meross Water Leak Sensor

Possibly the first sensor I ever bought, I now have water sensors under my water heater, indoor planter, and a corner of the garage that tends to get wet when it rains. These sensors send an early alarm that there’s a problem before it gets out of hand.

Meross Temperature/Humidity Controller

If you’re growing seeds, trying to control a beer fridge, or really anything else where the trigger is temperature or humidity, this controller will help. Plug the device (whether it’s a humidifier, A/C, heater, or fridge) into the receptacle, then set your temperature and humidity thresholds. The probe will give a constant read, and when the temperature and/or humidity are outside of range, it will kick on the device that’s plugged in.

Meross Smart Wifi DIY Switch

This controller allows you to turn almost any “dumb” wired device into a smart one, and it works with Apple HomeKit. Imagine any lamp, alarm, humidifier, or fan smart-enabled. This will allow you to control it through your favorite hub—in this case, HomeKit.

Meross Smart Wifi Essential Oil Diffuser

No one was more surprised than myself when I tested a smart oil diffuser and found that adding smart functionality was a welcomed feature. Really, it just means you can turn it on and off from your phone or voice assistant rather than setting a schedule or leaving it always on, so you get a small boost of scent rather than a headache. For that reason, these adorable Meross versions are worth a look.

Meross Smart Plugs

Flat out, this is the plug I go to over and over again. They’re great to have around just in case you need to make something smart in your home or set a small appliance to a schedule. These plugs consistently stay online, which is my main issue with competitor brands.

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