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For people who live in homes with thick walls, multiple stories, or simply an abundance of square footage, a mesh network can do wonders for addressing network connectivity problems. If you’re considering this solution for your home, Amazon is currently having a sale on Eero mesh wifi routers, with discounts up to 60%. (If you’re not sure if a mesh wifi system is right for your home, Lifehacker’s Joshua Hawkins covered the topic recently.)

The Amazon Eero Pro 6 mesh wifi router released in 2020 also doubles as a smart home hub and is currently $119.99 (originally $199.99). After looking at price compression tools, I can say this matches the lowest price this product has ever been. The Pro 6 is easy to set up and is user-friendly, but it lacks features (like USB connectivity and multi-gigabit LAN ports) that you’ll find in other mesh routers. Since Eero is an Amazon brand, you’ll get Alexa compatibility with the Pro 6 and any other Eero product. It’ll cover up to 6,000 square feet with a strong wifi 6 signal. You can read the full PCMag review here.

A three-pack of the Eero Pro 6 mesh wifi routers would normally run you $604.96, but during this sale, that same pack costs $239.99 after a 60% discount. According to price compression tools, this also matches the lowest price this product has ever been.

If you’re looking for an even better Eero Pro mesh router, you can get the latest Amazon Eero 6+ for $109.99 (originally $139.99) after a 21% discount. This one is one of the best mesh networking systems available right now. A pack of two is also 21% off, and a pack of three is 20% off.

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