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If you’re in the market for a doorbell camera or a home security camera, Black Friday can be a great time to buy. Since electronics often go on sale this time of year, you can often save a lot by purchasing a camera or a whole system—or adding to the system you already have—while Black Friday Deals are in full swing. Here are some of the best security and doorbell camera deals on Amazon for Black Friday.

Arlo video security devices

Security cameras with color video recording and wireless installation from Arlo are on sale for Black Friday on Amazon for up to 40% off. The two pack of outdoor spotlight cameras are on sale for $139, or 46% off. The Arlo video doorbell is on sale for 55% off, making it $89.49, and it works directly with your existing wifi, so it’s easy to install. The Arlo floodlight camera is on sale for 32% off, making it $170. In order to use all of the features, like video recording and package detection, you will also need to add an Arlo subscription that starts at $5/month. The Arlo system will work with Alexa, Google, Apple, and SmartThings smart home control systems. The advantage of an Arlo system is that they are very conscientious about privacy, and won’t give your information out to anyone without your permission or a warrant. The downside of Arlo is that the equipment tends to be more expensive than some other options, and the subscription that allows you to record video and use other important features on multiple cameras costs more than other companies.

Blink video security devices

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward installation process for your home security camera system, or if you already have Blink cameras and are interested in expanding, the Blink Black Friday deals are for you. This system has both wireless outdoor and wired indoor camera options for 40% off, as well as a whole house bundle for more than 50% off that can get you started with a home security system for $101. Blink also offers a wireless outdoor floodlight camera that’s on sale for Black Friday for 50% off, making it a deal at $79. To use all of the features of the Blink system, like motion activated video recording on cameras, you’ll also need a Blink Subscription that starts at $3/month. The upside to the Blink system is that it’s easy to install and will work with Alexa if that type of connection is important to you. Keep in mind that Blink does voluntarily share user data with law enforcement without a warrant.

Eufy video security devices

Eufy cameras are on sale on Amazon for up to 55% off right now. The wired floodlight camera is on sale for 55% off, making it $99 for Black Friday. The Eufy Wireless Doorbell Camera is on sale for 45% off, making it $109, and it comes with onsite storage and will work with most wireless systems. The single Eufy wireless outdoor camera is on sale for 38% off, making it $80 for Black Friday. The Eufy system will work with Alexa and most other smart home control systems and uses an on-site storage hub. In order to access all of the features, you will need a subscription that starts at $5. The advantage of the Eufy system is that it’s ultra-private, using on-site, encrypted storage for all recording. The downside is that the equipment to record and store video is an investment.

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