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Bounce houses are usually the highlight at any child’s birthday party, and an item that I had believed cost a pretty penny to rent. Imagine my surprise when I went to a playdate with my sons and saw a smaller version of the heavy-duty air-filled nylon structures in their friends’ backyard. As I investigated further, I soon realized that these items, guaranteed to tire out even the most unruly of children, are readily available and surprisingly affordable. 

If you’re looking for a bounce house to get you through spring break or summer vacation, we’ve collected some of the best available with different features and for varying budgets. Remember that some may require an additional purchase of an air pump to inflate it or sandbags to keep it down. Read the description carefully so your bounce house doesn’t arrive on your doorstep with an extra delivery of disappointment.

For the budget-conscious

  • Jump-O-Lene bounce house ($47.99): This one’s as no-frills as it gets, but it gets the job done. Built to support preschoolers who weigh a combined 120 pounds, it is small yet durable enough (according to reviewers) to be used indoors during winter and outdoors when the weather warms up. It also comes with a repair patch should something rip or tear.

  • Bountech Inflatable Castle Bouncy House ($99.99): This is a little bigger and stronger than the Jump-O-Lene, which means kids as old as 10 can join in. It even includes a small basketball net. While the description states that this bouncy house is portable enough to be taken anywhere, even to your local park (not sure who would want to haul their kids and a 30-pound bounce house to the playground), some reviewers have said it’s too big for their apartments. 

Bounce houses with slides

  • Action Air bounce house ($269.99): Get ready to be the most popular parent in the neighborhood. Up to three kids can safely play in this inflated castle, which has shoe storage and a dart game on the outside.

  • Bounceland bounce house castle ($231.59): Sit on your throne and watch your little royals take it to the hoop in this inflatable castle. In addition to the basketball net, this playset boasts a two-minute set-up time, with some reviewers boasting it fits conveniently in their downstairs playroom for rainy days. 

  • Bounceland royal palace bounce house ($439): Why put your kids in a castle when they can bounce around in a luxurious palace? Five kids can romp around inside this roofed structure and slide down a slide that’s nearly as tall as the structure itself.

  • Action Air bounce house ($499.99): Up to this point, we’ve used the term “house” liberally. But this air-filled structure is actually shaped like a home and has quite the amenities to boot, including a ring toss, ball pit, tunnel, basketball hoop, miniature obstacle course, and dart game. Its best perk is the foldable sunroof, which will come in handy during the dog days of summer. 

Structures with pools

  • Honey Joy bounce house castle ($129.99): The best castles have moats, but this palace-shaped bounce house, designed for kids three to five years old, has a small pool to guard your child’s kingdom.

  • Baralir bounce house with slide and pool ($384.99): You can use this bounce house with a long slide and large pool all year round. In the summer, fill the splash pool and watch up to three kids splash around and spray the water canon all afternoon. In the winter months, the manufacturers claim you can take the structure inside and turn the pool into a ball pit for your kids. With a hidden cave and a trampoline included, actual sleep during nap time is all but guaranteed. 

  • Wellfuntime inflatable water park ($639.99): If your young ones aren’t tall enough to go down your local water slide, then blow this one up in your backyard. It has multiple water park-themed sections, from long removable slides that spray water to a pool and a climbing wall. This massive set also includes three sports balls and four water guns. 

Bounce house obstacle course

  • Bounceland obstacle bounce house ($443.27): Let the games begin! Siblings can race through this obstacle course bounce house to see who gets dibs on the Switch, or you can use it for a fun activity at their next birthday party. The two slides on the other side of the dual tunnels are velcroed down for safety, and with a 400-pound capacity, it’s suitable for older kids, too.

Top rated

  • Blast Zone magic castle ($269.99): This one is worth calling out because it boasts a nearly five-star rating with over 2,000 reviews. It inflates quickly inside and outdoors and is designed to be safe for older kids. The only drawback is your preschoolers might have to wait to use it. 

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