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In a blog post this week, Google revealed all the upcoming features Pixel phone and watch users can expect to see in the March Pixel Feature Drop, which will be available to download on March 11. The biggest news for Pixel 7 owners is the arrival of the company’s nifty new “Circle to Search” feature on those 7 devices.

Once they’ve installed the feature drop, Pixel 7 owners will be able to long-press the Pixel home button or navigation bar and then circle or scribble on an image, text, or video to get more information about whatever is within the circle. It’s pretty cool.

Call Screen is coming to all Pixel devices

Another big addition to all Pixel phones is a better Call Screen feature. This system, intended to cut down on spam calls, is already one of the standout features of the Pixel 8 Pro, and the rest of the lineup is poised to follow suit. All Pixel users will soon be able to use Google Assistant to respond in various ways to a call, including asking for callers to be placed on hold. It will even allow you to receive a chip when a caller is unresponsive.

Upload larger videos and photos to Instagram

Google is also now allowing Pixel phones to record and upload 10-bit HDR videos directly to Instagram Reels, and you’ll also be able to upload your Ultra HDR photos directly to your Instagram feed. Samsung recently introduced this option on its latest Galaxy devices, so it’s nice to see the Pixel phones getting it too.

Call Screen improvements on Pixel phones

Credit: Google

Upgrades for the original Pixel Watch

This month’s Pixel Feature Drop will also show some love to owners of the original Pixel Watch. Starting this week, Pixel Watch owners will be able to take advantage of additional workout tracking features first released on the Pixel Watch 2. The Pixel Watch will also get Heart Zone Training and the ability to auto-pause or auto-start and auto-stop a workout. These devices will also have access to the Fitbit Relax app, as well as the ability to search for public transit directions directly in Google Maps on your wrist.

Other features coming in the March Pixel Feature Drop will allow you to choose exactly what you want to share when screen sharing on the PIxel Tablet, Pixel Fold, or Pixel 5a with 5G and newer phones. Google is also introducing markups in Google Docs that will allow you to add handwritten notes made with a stylus or your finger, and the Pixel Tablet will get a new Gboard voice toolbar, freeing up some screen space.

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