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The Google Pixel 8 came out in the late fall of 2023, sporting some impressive features, a powerful camera, and generally setting a new bar for what to expect from a mid-range phone. Right now, you can get the unlocked 128GB Google Pixel 8 for $549 (originally $699) on Amazon or Best Buy for the same price it was on Black Friday. The unlocked 256GB version also has the same $150 discount, bringing it down to $609 (originally $759) on Best Buy and Amazon.

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The Pixel 8 has a ton of cool features, like AI-enabled photo editing, audio editing, live translation, and more. Some of my favorite features include the “Audio Magic Eraser,” which gets rid of distracting sounds in videos; and the “Best Take” feature, which lets you pick the best face from a series of photos. (No more ruined pictures because one person blinked.) And if you happen to be caught in the rain, its IP68 rating will give you water and dust resistance. You’ll also get the newest Google-made chip, the Google Tensor G3, and seven years of guaranteed software support, meaning you’ll be getting updates until 2030.

Speaking of software updates, one of my favorite perks of getting a Pixel phone is the new feature drops that occur every few months. (The latest one happened in December.) Google also does a great job updating its security with new updates every so often.

What’s perhaps the biggest downside of this deal is passing up the Pixel 8 Pro, which is a better phone, albeit a more expensive one. (We summarized the differences between the two phones previously, if you’re unfamiliar.) If you can live without the better camera and the extra fancy features, the Pixel 8 is still a great choice at its current price.

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